Episode 1-06

Kassie goes back to the manager, unaware there has been a murder.

Gillian gives Iris the news that Adam has been arrested for her stabbing.

Mateo questions Dean about his employment and Skyeís accusations.

Giovanni slips out something regarding Gillian in a conversation with Addy.

Darla is keeping an emotional secret.

Episode 1-07

Kassie is horrified at what she sees at the managerís office.

Adam has a talk with Tomas regarding his case.

Iris is approached by one of the King lawyers.

Gillian arrives home in the evening, and reads the note in her mailbox.

Giovanni explains his slip-up to Addy.

Robert suggests Darla approach her pregnancy differently.

We get insight into Skyeís dreams.

Episode 1-08/1-09 Combined

Gillian unknowingly insults Jake regarding the secret message.

Kassie is in a confused situation.

Irisís health is improving, and then she gets a surprise.

Mateo finds incriminating evidence to Dean, and Skye is about to wake up.

Julian is enraged by the morning paper headline.

Episode 1-10

Jake thinks about his future with Kassie.

Kassie meets up with Greg, but is soon in deep trouble.

Irisís father is spiteful for something she did.

Julian asks Adam a tough question before the hearing.

Addy remembers Eric, her deceased husband.

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