Episode 1-11

Jake makes a startling move!

Skye has plans with the information from her dreams. Dean has reason to worry.

Iris and her parents clash, and she sees her brother.

The terrorists want some surprising information.

Darla is worried about Kassie.

Episode 1-12

Julian and Constance are present at the hearing.

Iris arrives to give testimony to the charge.

Adam’s case goes poorly once the evidence is shown.

Adam and Iris exchange glances.

An outcome is reached.

Episode 1-13

Adam is guilty.

Skye gives “hints” to Dean and puts her plan in action.

Kassie endangers the life of a passenger.

Darla gets awful news.

Episode 1-14

Kassie discovers the source of the gunshot.

Gillian and Giovanni share a moment.

Skye opens up to Dean.

Darla is attacked!

Vivian says that Bo is much too harsh.

Episode 1-15

Adam is out!

Gillian and Addy fight, and Iris drops by.

Mateo wakes up, and Dean and Skye talk.

A murder occurs!

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