Episode 3-06

Kassie manages to get a hold of Noah. Will she escape?

Darla's results are made known. Patrick gets a call from the police.

Brianna does some secret research.

Mateo is confronted.

Gillian is confronted in her home.

Mitchel meets up with the same woman.

The woman calls someone.

Episode 3-07

Kassie makes a desperate try to save Noah. He state worsens.

Patrick is on the trail of Noah's (and Kassie's) kidnapper.

Gillian's mysterious call gets all her attention as she discovers where it was dialed from.

Brianna gets a clue into Skye's past. Ian is upset.

Mateo has a revealing discussion with Skye.

Giovanni reminisces on his past.

Mitchel meets up with Pamela again.

The King family has a talk regarding the Fall 2001 Gala, and who should attend.

Episode 3-08


Episode 3-09


Episode 3-10


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