Season One

Iris Torres was stabbed one evening. In the hospital, Gillian located Iris' estranged family. Her father, Bo, and brother, Wyle, hate her. She did "something." Her mother, Vivian, is murdered. Adam King is tried, and placed in jail. After a series of circumstances, Adam escaped and came to her house. Wyle and Iris caught him.

Mateo Consuelos rescued Skye Lore from the ocean. Then, his drug-dealing brother came to live with him. Skye had a series of powers -- and tormented Dean, since he killed a man! After mental torture and a series of prophecies, Dean was arrested. (Mateo was unaware of her deeds.)

Kassie Tom's fiance, Jake Geary, left her after he was rejected by Gillian. Her mother, Darla, discovered she was pregnant with Robert's son -- but he isn't her husband. Kassie investigated her father's airplane accident in Switzerland. She met bodyguard Patrick. Dangerous situations arose! Kassie came back, and Darla moved in.

Gillian is bitter to her mother, who is dating Giovanni Pike, a much younger man. She just wanted him gone, but they have developed a chemistry.