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Episode 1-01
Posted: April 3, 2000

Tom Residence

KASSIE TOM  PUSHED her blonde hair from her eyes. She pulled the covers off her bed and slid under. The bed was large, and enough room for more than just her. She then thought about Jake Geary, and what he was doing. He had not yet entered the room.

Come to bed... Kassie thought willingly.

Kassie wanted to be with her "hopefully-soon-to-be-husband." On the other hand, she was tired and wanted to get to sleep as soon as possible. She did need to be at work first thing the next morning. After waiting a few minutes longer, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Within the minute, the sound of the phone tore through her sleep like a tiger to a weak antelope. She reached over to the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" Kassie was gentle, but obviously annoyed.

"Kass?" The other voice was timid. "Is that you?"

Kassie's eyes widened. "Mom? It's been so long. What is it?"

Kassie heard her mother's voice come back on after a long pause. "Kassie, I have some bad news. I don't know exactly how to say this, but..."

"What? What is it?" Kassie demanded, her voice quivering.

"It's your father..."


"Your father..." Darla paused, and then started again. "He's dead, Kass."

JAKE OPENED THE DOOR and looked out across the street. He spied on Gillian Evans. He always loved looking at her - looking at her red hair. Sure, everyone nowadays could have red hair, but hers was natural. A deep fire inside that expressed itself by grabbing the eye and never letting go.

She was beautiful and mysterious. She had all the right curves. And he knew he wanted her.

And then there was Kassie.

But he loved Kassie very much. He was even living with her. Jake treasured every moment he spent with Kassie. She was the reason he got up in the morning.

But there was something wild and exciting about Gillian. Something that Kassie didn't have.

The phone rang inside...

Evans Residence

GIOVANNI PIKE WAS much too young for her mother. His heritage was a mix of Italian from his mother's side; his father's side injected him with an American look and - consequently - an awkward last name to go with his first.

Gillian stood quietly as her mother's new boyfriend was presented to her. She could hardly believe the situation. She froze in her tracks and seethed quietly.

"So," Gillian began, very unamused. "You're, like, what? Half my mother's age?" Gillian looked at her mother, Addy, straight in the eyes. "Do I have a new brother that you and dad didn't tell me about? That's right, isn't it?"

Addy narrowed her eyes. "That doesn't matter..."

"It sure does matter," Gillian blurted out. "As long as you're living under my roof, I can have a say in things. And have your forgotten dad? You know, brown hair, brown eyes. Medium build. Ring a bell?"

"I can..." Addy was cut off my Giovanni.

"I see I've come at a bad time," he began, wanting to leave. "I'll leave and come by later."

"How about when you're legally allowed to drink?" Gillian gave her mother another glare. She had mastered the "bitch-look" within the her 25 years on this planet - and used it.

"Gillian, you'd better..."

Gillian scowled at her mother. "You've probably forgotten about dad already. You probably never even cared about him. You're nothing but a whore."

Addy remained shocked, and Giovanni looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. Fast.

Natural Exposure --


The note stared up at Iris Torres like a neon sign, and it felt like anyone could read it. She couldn't stand it.

"No..." she muttered.

Tess looked up at her with worried eyes. She was a kind person, and Iris counted on her to keep a confidence. "Is everything all right?"

Iris turned to her and forced a smile. "Everything's fine."

Tess nodded, oblivious of the real situation.

Iris looked at the note, then turned quickly to the timid secretary. "Tess. Did you, by any chance, happen to see the man who dropped off the letter?"

Tess shook her head. "No. I just found it fallen behind my computer, so it could have been here since the beginning of the day." Worried: "Was it important?"

Iris shook her head. She left the front area and quickly made her way back to her desk. She passed through the winding maze of cubicles and back to her desk.

"Who was it?" Adam King's voice came booming from the neighboring cubicle.

"Nobody," Iris lied. "Just a message from... my father. My father called me."

Adam silenced. "Iris, you told me your father was dead."

Presence Beach --

"WOAH!" MATEO CONSUELOS CRIED OUT as he was swept out to sea -- along with the woman he had tried to help.  It was in the evening, and the water was dark. He looked at the water and felt as if anything - and everything - could could come jumping out at him.

The sea swept around him as he was pulled out. He could no longer see the woman he had before, and he feared the worse.

"Hey!" he cried out to the sea, finally gaining control. "Where are you?"

He remembered that she hadn't been breathing when he first found her, and this probably wasn't going to do any good. He dove underwater. He tried to look around, but the salty water irritated his eyes. He popped back up for air and looked around.


Mateo felt a tug at his leg, which began to pull him under.

MATEO STRUGGLED against the grip on his foot. It was a strong current pushing his legs backward to the sea. He had heard stories about how struggling was useless. He hoped he’d be an exception.

Mateo pushed himself to the surface, and laid down on his back on the surface of the water. He hoped that the current wouldn't be able to catch him, and began to swim back to shore. He jotted his head frantically in every direction.


"Can you hear me?" he called out desperately. "Are you all right?"

No answer.

Mateo shook his head in frustration and headed back to shore. As soon as he pushed his hand forward, he hit something. If felt like a person!

He swung his head around...

"IRIS?" ADAM QUESTIONED. "Your father is dead, isn't he?"

Iris' mind raced, but she responded. "Yes, it was my father. Father McMurdy, from St. Peters Catholic Church. He was wondering if I'd bring some of my famous butter-nut cookies to the bake sale next weekend."

Adam was confused. "At this hour?"

"It was an old note from earlier today."

Adam nodded. "Well, Iris. I got to go right now. I'll be sure to stop by next weekend to buy these cookies you're talking about."

Iris smiled weakly and nodded. "See ya."

Adam left, and Iris slumped back into her chair. She realized that she didn't want to work anymore. It was definitely time to go home. She finished up a few reports, and then left for the evening.

In the parking lot, Iris slipped the key into her car door. A beeping sound was heard, and door opened. She entered the car, turned on the ignition and started off.

A man (hidden in shadows) stepped out from behind a pillar in the parking lot. He watched Iris' car go off in the distance while holding a knife in his hand.


Gillian immediately turned her head away. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

"I think you meant every word of it!"

Giovanni stepped in. "I am feeling a tad uncomfortable. I'm going to leave." To Addy: "I'll call you later."

Addy smiled back to him as he exited, then right back to her daughter. "Gillian," she began. "I don't know what you think I am, but that isn't one of them."

Gillian's face turned red. "I... What about my father? Doesn't he still matter? What ever happened to him?"

Addy's eyes widened. "Your father?"

"Yes," Gillian confirmed.

"He's been dead for five years!" Addy bursted out. "I think that I can date whomever I want!"

"People your age," Gillian retorted. "Not the pool boy next door."

Addy stepped forward, her finger in Gillian's face. "You... I know why this is bothering you. I know very well."

Gillian pushed her mother's finger from her face. "Yeah? Well, if you think that you dating men in general bothers me, you're incorrect. As long as they're your age, I'm fine."

Addy shook her head and replaced her finger. "No. That's not it. You can't stand seeing me in love. You hate every minute of day that I'm happy. It's some sickness you've developed. Jealous of your own mother."

Gillian shook her head, slightly unsure. "No. I'm not jealous." She walked to the hall, pointing to the door. "I just don't want you to stop off at the high school of your way home from the shopping mall!"

Addy placed her hand on her forehead. "I know very well what you're thinking."

"I doubt it."

"This is what is the matter, Gilly." Addy walked up to her daughter, almost amused. "This is why you can't get married."

Gillian's mouth opened wide, confused. "What...?"

"You see me with guys you could never have. You're so caught up in jealousy. Get out a little. Like me." Addy shook her head. "You can't stand the fact that you're never going to get married. God forbid a man ever love someone as petty and envious as you."

"DEAD" KASSIE SAID, DUMBFOUNDED. "How... what -- where?"

Darla could be heard on the other end, sobbing slightly. "I just got the news. It was a plane crash in Switzerland. They said that there was a mechanical error, or something. It went down."

Tears came out of Kassie's eyes. "He... they don't know the cause?"

"No. They are investigating at this moment." Her mother paused. "I need to make the arrangements to bring the body here to San Francisco."

"They have found the body?"

Darla shook her head. "Not yet, but I have faith that they will. The Lord in heaven will bring him back to us."

Kassie nodded. "Amen. If there is anything I can do, just call me. Okay?"

"I got to go," Darla stated, not answering. "I'll call you tomorrow morning."

Darla hung up. Kassie remained silent.

"Everything all right?" Jake spoke, slipping into the room.

Kassie stared up at him, wide eyed. "No. Everything isn't all right."

Jake's eyes filled with worry and he moved over the bed. He placed his arms around Kassie and swallowed her in a warm embrace.

"I'm leaving tonight," she said. "I'm leaving you."

AS MATEO TURNED HIS HEAD AROUND, he saw the face of the woman he had tried to save.

"Jeez!" Mateo said out loud. "You scared..."

She still wasn't breathing, and this caused a big problem if she ever wanted to get oxygen in her blood. Mateo grabbed her arms and swam to the shore. He pulled her on the beach and checked her breathing again.


He checked a second time after giving her a few breaths.


"C'mon..." Mateo whispered. "Breathe..."


Mateo's eyes went blank as he reached over to take her pulse.


IRIS SANG IN HER CAR as she rode down Pier Road to where her house was located. "I'm going to ride it on and on..." The radio was on a great seventies rock station. "Life is a highway..."

She spotted her house and made an abrupt turn into her driveway. She exited the car and made her way up the driveway.

"Life is a something... I'm going to something... what ev-errrr..." Iris had already forgotten the words.

She entered her home and took off her jacket.

As she moved into the living room, a strange car pulled up in front of her house. A mysterious man stepped out. He has the same signature knife as he had in the parking lot. He makes motions with the knife to Iris' house.

Inside the house, Iris sat in front of the TV. She heard a knocking at the door. Iris bounces up and makes her way to answer it...

"WHAT?" JAKE EXCLAIMED, flabbergasted. "You're leaving me?"

Kassie smiled. "To see my mother, silly. She needs all the company possible right now."

Jake was still confused. "You still haven't told me why you're so upset."

Kassie nodded. "It's my father. He passed away. Well, more like fell away."

"I'm so sorry," Jake consoled. "Do you know what happened?"

Kassie shook her blond head. "No. I'm going to ask my mother some questions. I may even have to travel to Europe to transport the body back here."

Jake's eye widened. "Really?"

Kassie nodded. "If I don't get answers from my mother. If she knows nothing, I'm going to use the trip to get some."

Jake nodded.

"And I will get the answers I need," Kassie growled. "I will do anything I can..."

GILLIAN TURNED AWAY from her mother. "That's harsh..."

Addy pulled up to her daughter. "I'm sorry I said that. It seems we both have a way of letting our tongues get the better of us."

Gillian nodded.

"It's late," Addy stated. "I'm going to bed."

Gillian nodded again, obviously not wanting to say anything. But she wanted to!

Addy left to room, and Gillian stayed.

"I am sorry that we have offended each other." Gillian spoke aloud, pacing pensively. "But you deserve it. And I need to get that high school student look-alike away from you."

Gillian walked into the kitchen and got a glass. I need to take him off your hands. She poured herself a glass of water from the tap and moved to the fridge. Or to get someone to do it for you...

She spotted something on the fridge. Perfect...

A picture of Iris.

Gillian began talking as if she was talking to Iris. "Iris, I have someone I'd like you to meet..." Gillian let out a little laugh.

"Mom, watch out. You’re living under my roof, now. I make the rules..."

Episode 1-02

  • Kassie travels to San Francisco to see her mother. Jake is alone, and then writes a letter.

  • Mateo deals with the woman found in the ocean. Dean, Mateo's brother, is in deep trouble.

  • Iris get a big surprise in her home. Gillian tries to hook Iris with Giovanni, but a phone conversation puts things on "hold."