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Episode 2-04
Posted: October 16, 2000

Tom Residence

Patrick Donavon double-checked the watch on his wrist. Kassie Tom had let him borrow her watch so he could do his house check, making sure everything was secure.

“Check… check…” Patrick muttered silently, checking windows and door. “Time to tell Kassie everything’s safe.”

Patrick made his way into her (and temporarily his) room. He opens the door, and sees Kassie standing by her bed getting dressed.

“Oop…” Patrick said, obviously having walked into an embarrassing situation. “I… I didn’t know you were…”

Kassie quickly grabbed her robe and wrapped herself up. “It’s okay. I should have been a little more careful. You are staying in this room.”

Patrick nodded, and moved to his side of the room. “I came to tell you that everything’s secure.”

“Is someone really going to come all the way here from Presence to harm me?” Kassie asked. “We don’t have what they want! It died with my father.”

Patrick shook his head. “They don’t know that. They’ll harm you, your mother… anything to get the information.”

Kassie thought. “Do they think you have it?”

“Possibly,” Patrick answered. “But I don’t.”

Kassie nodded in agreement. “Do you have… sources that will tell you once we’re in danger?”

“Interpol is search for the men who attacked you. Do you remember why they attacked you?” Patrick took out a few pieces of clothing from his suitcase.

Kassie thought hard. “I remember waking up groggy, my head hurting. I remember very fuzzily walking up to Ken’s – that was the airline manager – office. I opened the door…”

“And…?” Patrick urged.

“I saw them. They wore black suits. I asked them who they were, and…”

“Did you see Ken? He’s listed now a missing. Was he one of the suited men?”

Kassie gasped. “No! He wasn’t!”

“What is it, then?” Patrick asked, moving over to a distraught Kassie.

“Oh, God… he’s dead. They killed him! I remember now…”

Patrick thought hard. “That explains it!”


“Remember when you were coming back on your flight? You had blood on your coat. That could have been Ken’s blood.”

Kassie’s eyes bludged open. “Did they think Ken had the information?”

Patrick nodded. “Probably.”

“And they killed him! Patrick… If they find us, they aren’t just going to harm us… they’re going to kill us!”

In Darla Tom’s room, just down the hall, Robert Carlyle was checking in with his son.

“How is everything?” Robert asked.

Darla shook her head. “Why did you have to remind me?”

“About your divorce? I thought it was about time you faced the facts.” Robert paced around. “But your daughter is completely out of the loop on this, am I right?”

Darla nodded. “Yes. I hate lying to her.”

“But she isn’t the problem. You’re her mom, and she seems to believe everything you have to say. It’s that Patrick guy she’s with. He doesn’t seem convinced.”

“What are you going to do, now?”

Robert laughed. “You know me so well. I have a plan. Something that will convince the both of them, with no see of doubt left at all in their minds.

Consuelos Residence

Dean Consuelos stopped breathing right there. He didn’t even look back up at Skye Lore. Not that he should have, given the ever-reddening eyes.

Skye got closer to Dean’s ear, with Rick oblivious to their conversation. “Look carefully at that officer with your brother. It’s a woman. A police woman.”

Rick finally let go once Tina signaled him to come to the car. Beside the parked police cruiser, officers Tina and Rick were chatting it up. No doubt discussing the case in great detail.

“Skye!” Dean pleaded, sounding desperate at this point. “Can you do anything more? I… I mean, come on! You weren’t going to just let them arrest me, are you?”

Mateo Consuelos stepped in. “All right, bro! What the hell is going on!?”

“He killed the man!” Skye chirped.

“I know that now. Something I think I should have known a long time ago.”

Dean was furious at Skye. “She did this to me. I would have been off in Spain by now, but she kept me here.”

“So she was right all along,” Mateo sighed, shaking his head. “You’re a moron, you know that? Murder? God… what a stupid thing to do.”

“Skye’s a demon, or possessed by one, I tell you!” Dean screamed as Tina and Rick approached.

“Mr. Consuelos?” Tina said to an agitated Dean. “You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent…”

“I chose to waive that right!” Dean announced. “Skye’s possessed. She isn’t human, I’m telling you. She prophesied this was going to happen. She said all of San Francisco would come to Presence… and it did! Right at my doorstep! She’s crazy!”

Rick shook his head, knowing who sounded the craziest.

“…You have right to an attorney… If you do not have one, one will be provided for you…”

Brianna Huber realized that she had heard a bit too much. “This will be perfect,” she cooed, ducking away from the bushes and slipping back into her house.

“She’s crazy! Arrest her… Demons…” Dean voice trailed off as he was pushed into a police cruiser. “…Prophecy… Crazy…” The words trailed off.

Skye stood there, not looking at Mateo as his brother was driven away.

“Skye?” Mateo asked. “What was all that about? What did you do?”

Skye shrugged. “Nothing, or course. Your brother was probably on some bad crack. Me? A demon? What a laugh!”

Mateo smiled. “Yeah. Sorry for believing that. I… I was never really close to my brother.” He turned to go back inside. “I just had no idea how deep he was in.”

Skye nodded. She stayed outside for a bit, and spoke. “I feel like two people. I’m not Skye, but her presence is trying to be made known…” Skye’s eyes flickered. “And this ‘Skye’ will take over her rightful mind if something isn’t done quickly. I need more power. Or else her memories will flood in, and I will no longer have control…”

Evans Residence

Addy Evans remained calm as Gillian Evans came through the door.

“Where’ve you been?” Addy asked, walking to the doorway. “I’ve been waiting.”

Gillian eyed her mother suspiciously. “Nowhere.”

Addy shook her head. “Nowhere?”

Exasperated, “The mall.” Gillian passed by her mother. “I met up with Iris there.”

“Oh. How is she?”

“She’s doing great. “ Gillian remembered Iris telling her about Adam. “And she’s being careful… with Adam out and all.”

Addy stopped asking questions, and waited for Gillian to say something.

“Is there anything you want to say to me? Anything more?” Gillian wondered if her mother had seen her and Giovanni kissing. She’d have been furious at her, like all the other times.

“No… is there something I need to say?” Addy spoke cryptically.

Gillian shook her head. “I’m going to bed. Are you going to be up any longer?”

“I’ll be up in a minute,” Addy assured her daughter.

Gillian paused, and then rushed up the stairs. Addy stayed at the bottom, pushing her finger through her red hair.

“I’m not going to let you see me mad,” Addy purred, lightly biting one of her finger, and then wiping a bang of hair from her eyes. “If I do, you’ll expect something. I don’t want you seeing it coming.”

Giovanni’s Apartment

Giovanni Pike was getting ready for bed. He slipped out of his shirt and pants, and slid boxer-only under the covers of his bed.

“I wish you were with me, Gillian,” Giovanni sighed, closing his eyes. “Addie, you are a terrific woman, but there is just something about your daughter. Something… fiery…”

Torres Residence

A male officer stood at the door, eying inside Iris Torres’ home. “We think you have an idea of why we’re here. It is regarding Adam King…”

“Adam?” Iris stuttered, knowing very well he was in her basement. “I—isn’t he out on the run?”

The officer nodded. “Are you’re alright? No disturbances?”

“None,” Iris confirmed.

“Good,” the officer replied. “That was what we thought. We’re still looking. Call us if you find anything. If he hasn’t bothered you yet, he has most likely fled town.”

The officer left just as Wyle Torres came up from the basement. “Who was the visitor this evening?”

“The pol–” Iris stopped herself. “A salesman. I got him away.”

“Good. Well, be sure to get some sleep this evening. We’ve both had a trying day.”

Iris paused for a moment and looked at her brother. “Why are you being so nice to me? You were so cold to me when you first came to town. Even earlier today.”

Wyle came up to his sister. “I get upset. Even when your life is in danger, I can’t help but remember what you did. How our sister is dead, and it is all your fault.”

“Wyle… you know that was a long time ago… I was so young…”

“Rissy,” he said, using a short form of her name, “I don’t want to talk about it. You’ve gotten enough grief by our father.”

Iris seemed stuck on something. “I keep running the reasons through my mind. How could Bo have killed our mother? How? Even if he was mad at my mother… I can’t see it…”

“Go to bed,” Wyle insisted. “Don’t rack your brain on this.”

Iris agreed. She turned around and headed upstairs.

Wyle quickly turned his head to the basement stairs. “ ‘How could Bo have killed our mother?’ you ask, sister dear?” He paused, then, “He didn’t.”

Episode 2-05

  • Breakfast gets weird for Wyle and Iris.
  • Mateo and Skye make a shocking discovery, and Skye decides to destroy someone.
  • Gillian's morning starts off with an eyeful.
  • Kassie has an embarrassing moment.
  • Julian and Constance get a special letter.