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Episode 2-10
Posted: November 27, 2000

Tom Residence

Kassie Tom looked at her mother. “Do you have any idea what Patrick’s talking about?”

Darla Tom nodded. “It’s time you knew. It’s time I let it all out.”

Robert Carlyle got up, but Patrick Donavon motioned for him to sit down.

“I need to say – this baby… it’s…”

“…it’s going to be born very soon!” Robert popped in. “She is in her ninth month, so she’s expecting at any time!”

Kassie’s eye lit open. “Oh! That’s right! I’m so excited for this – another baby brother or sister. Well, my first!”

“Wait…” Darla insisted, trying to get her words in. “You don’t understand…”

“Can you believe this? My father has left his final mark on this planet with this child.” Kassie almost choked up. “I think it’s just wonderful.”

Darla kept her mouth open. “I… uh… don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything,” Kassie stated. “But Patrick and Robert both owe you an apology.”

Nothing was said.

Kassie grabbed Patrick vigorously by the arm and pulled him out of the kitchen. She brought him upstairs and stared at him in the hallway.

“What’s up?” she asked. “Why are you suggesting my mother shacking up with Robert? Are you trying to say something?”

An Abandoned Building on Mystique Road

Taking a knife out from his coat, Wyle Torres stepped up to her sister. “You got it!”

Iris Torres screamed she saw him come down on her with the knife. She screeched as Wyle plunged the blade into her side…

“Auggg!” she screamed. It wasn’t first time that this had happened. It felt as if the world was playing a cruel game of déjà vu. “No…”

Wyle pulled the blade out. “Hurts?” he asked.

Iris mustered the strength to get up. She felt her side, and realized it wasn’t deep. He didn’t want to kill her… yet.

“I’m sorry,” Iris blurted out. “I never meant to cause Lily’s death! It was an accident!”

Wyle shook his head. “No good enough. I need to pay.”

Iris crawled backwards on the ground. She looked around nervously, trying to find something to defend herself with.

But Wyle closed in.

“Lily wouldn’t have wanted this,” Iris pleaded. “I swear.”

Wyle almost felt like laughing. “Do you remember how she died? She was crushed. Crushed by falling debris at a construction site.”

“I didn’t do it!” Iris pleaded again.

“What were your exact words? Oh, yes: ‘Lily, your boyfriend Dave is waiting for you at the construction site beside the jewelry store.’ She went. Meanwhile, Lily rushed over the site. She waited, and then ventured in and was crushed!” Wyle moved forward.

“How was I supposed to know that was going to happen?” Iris asked. "When we're young, we always do silly things. They don't usual end the way they did!"

“You caused it.”

Iris’s eye came in contact will a lead pipe on the ground. “I was young. I was emotional. She was threatening to tell my parents what I had done before.”

“But still, it happened. And you were never punished.”

Iris, feeling the pain in her side, picked up a pipe and got on her knees. “Stop right there!” she announced.

Wyle applauded. “Good work, you crazy whore. A pipe.”

With that Wyle dove onto Iris.

Presence Beach

Presence Beach was perfect! Skye Lore and Mateo Consuelos both sat on the semi-rocky beach. The sun dappled gently on the ocean, and everything was peaceful.

“What did you want to talk about?” Mateo asked.

Skye was looking out at the ocean. “Me. What is with me?” Then, without warning, she changed her tone. “Don’t answer that! Don’t listen to her!”

Mateo stared at her, confused. “Um… well, I rescued you from the ocean a few hundred meters that way,” he said, pointing.

Skye turned to Mateo. “Help me! Help please. Please get them out… Shut up! We’re not leaving! We’re staying!… No! Sir, do something. Don’t let them… Arrr! Bitch, stay down!…”

Mateo came up to Skye.

“Demons! Please, they going to… We told you! It won’t be long… Tie me down! Don’t let them do what they want!… That’s it! You asked for it!… Aaaaaaaaaa…”

Mateo took Skye’s head. “What’s the matter? It sound like you have two people in you!”

Skye grabbed Mateo collar. “Listen! I have… owww… them down. I need to tell you what’s with me! You need to stop them from doing… owww… this. The demons inside me: they want more power. Tie me down!”

“I don’t understand!” Mateo asked. “This can’t be true!”

Skye said nothing.

“Skye!” Mateo asked. Me moved to see her face.

“Wha…?” Mateo said, backing up in horror. “Oh, God… What is wrong here…?”

Skye stared at him, her eyes bright red. She had two channels of blood seeping from her mouth at each corner. But that wasn’t what bothered him the most.

She was smiling.

Evans Residence

Giovanni Pike and Gillian Evans both decided to go inside to discuss. Gillian was sure Addy wouldn’t bother them again after the way Giovanni put her down.

Just as they got to the door, Addy Evans rushed out in a mad dash.

“Where are you…?” Gillian began.

Addy paid no attention. She had gotten a message from Brooke – for Gillian – regarding information on Giovanni.

Gillian saw her mother get into her car, so she turned and went into her home.

“Where was she off to in such a hurry?” Giovanni asked.

Gillian shook her head. “I don’t know – but something tells me it isn’t good.”

Just then, the phone rang. Gillian picked it up quickly.


“Hi! It’s Brooke. I’m just says to ignore that message I left for you?”

“Message?” Gillian asked.

“Never mind,” she blurted. “I’m driving over myself to give you the information. You will be shocked!”

“All right…” Gillian said, unsure of what she meant. “See you.”

As soon as Gillian hung up, she rushed outside. She was Addy still in the car, looking at a map of some sort. Gillian rushed up to the vehicle in the driveway.

“Hey!” Gillian said. “I know what you’re trying to do, so don’t even think about it!” She banged on the driver-side window.

Addy looked up, and turned the car on. She tried to ignore her daughter’s banging. Pushing the car into reverse, she drove off.

Gillian walked over angrily to Giovanni. “What does she expect to achieve?” she asked rhetorically. “She is infuriating.”

Giovanni comforted Gillian. “I don’t know.”

“Sometimes,” Gillian revealed, “I wished she’d die. I know it’s terrible, but I do.”

With that, the ground began to shake!

“Woah!” Gillian cried out, and she fell into his arms. “What was that?”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was –” Giovanni was interrupted by a second violent shake. This time they both fell onto each other on the ground.

“—and earthquake!” Giovanni finished. “I haven’t felt one this big in years!”

Gillian got up and saw Addy’s car driving in the distance. “Why isn’t she stopping?” she asked.

A third violent shake brought them both to the ground. Gillian looked up to see Addy’s car swerving with the shakes.

“Oh, no…” Gillian muttered. “She’s out of control.”

Addy’s car drove out of sight, just as Gillian could hear the screeching of tires. They lasted as the ground continued to shake, and then they stopped.

That was when the sound of crunching metal was heard.

An Abandoned Building on Mystique Road

Iris swung the lead pipe and it caught Wyle right in the shin.

“Ow!” he yelled, falling backwards. “Jeez!”

With time to spare, Iris got up, but realized that Wyle was blocking her path to the exit. She quickly turned around and saw a back door.

Wyle, meanwhile, was in pain. He got up on his feet and saw his sister run to the back. “It’s no use!” he called out.

Running helplessly, Iris reached the back. She held onto the lead pipe for dear life. She opened the door and…


It was locked!

“No…” she moaned. “This can’t be!”

She spun around to see Wyle approaching step by step. Iris felt as if she was in a horror movie, where the killer was always walking slowly – but was always too close!

Iris turned back to the door. The building creaked and groaned as she did this, and it felt as if it was going to fall to the ground.

“It is locked!” Wyle yelled, taking his sweet time.

Iris struggled with the knob, feeling her heart drop. The exit in the front seemed so far away at that moment.

Wyle could be heard laughing.

“Please…” Iris pleaded. “Open… I don’t want to die…” She hand became sore. Kicking began, as she pounded.

“You’re pathetic,” Wyle declared. “You truly are.”

“No!” Iris proclaimed, as she took the lead pipe and beat it against the lock. “I won’t let myself die!”

Without warning, the building shook. A few rafters broke loose and clattered to the ground near the entrance.

Iris turned around to see what had happened. “What was that?” she asked.

Wyle no longer seemed so confident. “I don’t know.”

Another shake made Iris loose her footing as both she and Wyle felt to the ground.

“Construction?” Iris asked, lying on the floor.

Wyle didn’t answer. He just rushed out towards the exit, saving his own life. A third violent shake caused more building debris to fall to the ground. Iris braced for it to end, as the endless sound of clattering filled her ears.

It continued…

“Shit!” Wyle cried out, as ceiling tiles and a metal support rafter fell three meters in front of him. “Why the hell isn’t the shaking stopping?”

Iris got up, and continued to try and break the lock as the building continued to shake. “Open! Jesus, open!”

The exit of building collapsed on itself, as both Iris and Wyle were in the back. Dust filled their eyes, and Iris coughed. More debris fell as a tile hit Iris. She continued to try and break loose, but the door wouldn’t budge.

Whack… whack… whack…

“What’s happening?! This isn’t any construction I know!” Wyle said as he fumbled across the ground. “This third shake has lasted at least twenty seconds!”

Iris didn’t know. She wanted to think it was construction, but something in her knew that something wasn’t right. She knew the building was going to collapse. The building wasn’t being hit by anything. She continued to hit the lock.

It was the ground. The ground was moving beneath her feet! And it was going to crush her alive!

Presence Beach

“Jesus, talk to me!” Mateo said, his voice cracking. “Please speak. I… what is this!”

Skye was out of it. She just continuously looked out towards the ocean.

Without warning, the entire beach shook with a horrendous force. Mateo fell to the ground and Skye remained standing. Mateo could see, in the ocean, a section of the water was bubbling.

“What was that?” Mateo asked, completely shaken up.

No answer. A second violent rumbled caused Mateo to land against a rock. His arm slightly cut, he tried to get up.

“Psssssssss!” came a sound from the bubbling section on the water. Mateo could see Skye staring at the ocean. A spray of water hit them both! It was hot – but not boiling.

“Skye? What is wrong with you…?”

No answer.

Mateo, on his knee, was caught completely off-guard by the third shake. This one was much stronger. As the ground shook, he witnessed a terrible transformation in Skye.

She was rising off the ground. Floating!

Mateo felt faint as the shaking continued. This was a lot to take.

Skye’s floating body was slowing making it was to the ocean. She remained still as she was carried away.

“Oh my God!”

Mateo turned around. “Who’s there?”

Her footing wobbly, Brianna made her way into his sight.

Tom Residence

Darla got over the Robert. “Why weren’t you letting me tell my daughter the truth? Why should this be kept hidden?”

“It would cause too much pain…”

Darla remained skeptical. “For Kassie, or for you?”

Robert got up. “This is my child, too, you know? I should have a say.”

“And you did! We even decided yesterday to tell Kassie today!”

Robert patted Darla on the back. “That promise was made to Patrick. One that I intended to break.”

Darla slowly backed away from Robert. “I don’t even remember what I saw in you in the first place.”

“It was –” Robert said as he was cut off.

A fierce rumble shook the whole house. A few diner plates shattered to the floor. Darla lost her footing a fell backward to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Robert asked.

“I’m fine…” Darla wheezed. “I just… oooff… feel funny…”

A second shake caused Darla to open her eyes and take deep breaths. “Robert… oooo… I think it’s happening…”

“What?” he asked, rushing to her.

Through the longer third shake, Darla spitted out the word. “The… baby’s… coming…!”

Upstairs, before the commotion, Kassie was interrogating Patrick. “What’s up?” she asked. “Why are you suggesting my mother shacking up with Robert? Are you trying to say something?”

“Yes,” Patrick said. “Robert didn’t want the truth revealed. But you need to know.”


“The baby –”

Wooshgg! The whole house shook under their feet, as Patrick struggled with his footing.

“Oh my God!” Kassie screamed, as Patrick’s unbalance brought him close to the stairs. “Keep balance!”

“Thanks for reminding me!” Patrick joked as the shaking ceased. “This is just too –”

A second violent movement caused Patrick to fall towards the stairs.

“No!” Kassie shouted. “Don’t fall!”

But as soon as the third, most violent, shakes of all started, Patrick’s fate was sealed. He completely lost his footing.

Kassie screamed as the house continued the shake. She could clearly see Patrick’s body cascading of the edge of the stairs. Like a Slinky, he toppled over and began a rocky descent. His body thumped on the hard wooden steps, his head hitting loosely.

Kassie crawled on her stomach to see what had happened.

The house still shaking, she screamed as she saw Patrick’s motionless body lying lifelessly at the bottom of the stairs.

Episode 2-11

  • Who dies in the abandoned building? Read to find out!  

  • Will Iris or Wyle die?

  • Mateo becomes witness to a horrifying change in Skye.

  • Giovanni and Gillian desperately try and save Addy!

  • Patrick's life is in peril!