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Episode 2-12
Posted: December 16, 2000

Tom Residence

“Forget it…” Kassie Tom said, turning to Patrick Donavon’s body. “I need to do something.”

Kassie leaned down over Patrick’s body and gently kissed him on the lips.

Robert Carlyle turned away, and turned into the kitchen and picked up the phone. “Damn… the lines are dead – just as I figured.”

Kassie opened her eyes, and pulled her head back from Patrick’s lips. She got up off her knees, and turned away from the body.

“Goodbye…” Kassie murmured. “Miss you…” She walked into the living room to see Darla Tom breathing deeply on the couch.

“What’s the matter, honey?” she breathed. “You look so sad…”

Kassie nodded, her lower lip quivering. “Yes… It’s Patrick…”

Darla’s mouth opened. “No, Dear… he’s past away…?”

Kassie nodded, and could no longer her emotions inside. She could still see Patrick full of life. The many times he had tried to save her life – brave. Kassie wrapped her arms around her mother, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“He can’t really be dead…” she sighed, trying to convince herself. “It was just a little fall. How… how can a man like him just die like that? It doesn’t make sense!” Kassie let out a small laugh. “He can’t…”

Darla’s face said it all. It held a look of pity, and one of sadness.

“Oh, God…” Kassie cried, covering her face. “He’s really gone…” She continued to let her emotions flow through her.

Meanwhile, Robert took a sheet from the hallway closet and brought it up to Patrick body.

“Sweet dreams,” he said solemnly. He draped the thin linen over him, creating a topographic silhouette of his still body.

As the sheet settled, Robert couldn’t help but stare. He couldn’t help but feel Patrick was still breathing, as the sheet raised and lower as if in time with breaths…

An Abandoned Building on Mystique Road

Iris Torres looked down at Adam King’s collapsed body. He wasn’t moving, and she was partially relieved. The other half felt sorry for what he had gone through.

But this time, people had managed to gather around.

Iris slowly moved away from the scene, and she saw a black limousine pull up to the curb next to the collapsed building.

“What’s going on here?” came the voice from inside the dark vehicle.

Iris stepped back at Julian King stormed out from the back door. His graying hair was groomed to perfection on his head, and matched delicately with his black suit.

He came up to Iris and looked her straight in the face. “What’s going on here?” he repeated. “This is my property, and I demand to know what happened.”

Iris was angered by the old man’s reaction. “This property of yours collapsed because of this earthquake! You should have had it destroyed.” Iris turned to the circle of people. “We were almost killed!”

Julian grabbed Iris’s arm. “What were you doing inside in the first place?”

“Excuse me, sir?” she said, annoyed. “Please don’t grab me like that. And to correct myself, my brother was killed under the debris.”

Julian shrugged. “Serves him right,” he said callously.

“What?” Iris demanded. “I’ll admit that my brother wasn’t the best, but you didn’t know that. That is awful.”

“Listen!” Julian spat. “My time is valuable. I got word that my son was here. I’d like to get him away from these people, and work on getting his name cleared.”

“That’s the easy part,” Iris stated. “My brother was the one who stabbed me. You can clear your family’s precious name,” she slurred coldly.

Julian turned to Iris. “What??”

Presence Beach

Brianna Huber’s eyed popped open. “No… they’re going to drown her. Maybe she’s outlasted their purpose! No! Stop! We need to save her!”

Mateo Consuelos watched helplessly as Skye Lore was pulled underwater. Pulled under the bubbly, frothy surface…

“No!” Mateo cried out, rushing out to the water to save her. Brianna grabbed him harshly by the arm.

“Don’t you dare go in there!” she demanded. “What the hell are you thinking? She isn’t human. Hell, maybe she’s going back where she came from!”

Mateo looked back to Brianna with cold eyes. “She never came from where you think. I’ve been with her, and in the last few days she’s begun to show a different side.”

“Like before, when she was asking for help?”

“Precisely. The demons – or whatever – were trying to control her. She needs help!”

“And that’s where the exorcist comes in!” Brianna declared, unable to let go of her “brilliant” plan.

Mateo turned around. “What good is she dead to us?”

Brianna shook her head. “Don’t be stupid. If the fact that she’s weakened means anything, then we don’t need to worry. She’ll come right back.”

Mateo stared at her. “Why would she come back?”

“Regeneration, of course!” Brianna looked out to the water. “She is probably getting more power out there.”

Mateo shook his head. “Where do you get this stuff from? First, you’re an expert on exorcism, and now you know how evil regenerates itself. How long till witches come up?”

“Don’t be silly,” Brianna sighed. “I’ll bring it up when the situation presents itself.” She looked out to the bubbling water. “Hey, could this be it?”

Suddenly, long black hair floated to the water’s surface. Then Skye’s head came up, along with her body.

Brianna grabbed Mateo arm, and pulled him away. “Let’s go. I don’t have a good feeling about this…”

Mystique Road

Gillian Evans could smell the gas, stronger than before. “Addy needs to get out, or she’ll die. This car could catch on fire really quickly!”

Giovanni Pike continued to work, the light of the flames eating at the car dancing on his face.

“It’s spreading fast!” Brooke Wright cried out, feeling the heat.

The bright flame had devoured the entire seat. Giovanni could feel his skin burning up. Nevertheless, he continued to free Addy’s trapped body.

Brooke came up beside a worried Gillian. Brooke pulled her aside, further away from the car. “I have the information I called about earlier.”

Gillian looked at her co-worker, shocked. “This isn’t a very good time,” she insisted. “Maybe later, but now my mother could die.”

Brooke looked at Gillian with an arched eye. “You have never cared for your mother like this before.”

Turning away, Gillian got back to the car. “Is everything alright?” Gillian asked.

Giovanni shook his head. “The flame is doing well, though?”

It didn’t seem funny at the time.

An Abandoned Building on Mystique Road

Iris didn’t want to talk to Julian at this moment. There was too much going on in her mind right then.

“Is it a coincidence that you, your brother, and my son were all here at once?” Julian demanded. “Were you aware of his location this whole time?”

Iris nodded. “Me and my brother kept him tied up in our basement.”

Julian grabbed Iris briskly. “What the hell?”

Iris squirmed away from his grip. “He came to my house. I thought he tried to kill me!”

“Thought?” Julian repeated bitterly. “You had a lot of nerve to do something like that.”

“I didn’t know any of this!” Iris explained. “This has been an awful time for me. Do you not even care?”

Julian passed by her. “No. I could care less. You could have signed my brother’s death warrant!” He made his way across the ground to the circle of people. “Move along people!” Julian called out. “Nothing more to see here!”

Iris followed the arrogant man. “Listen!” she said. “We should really leave this for paramedics.”

Iris didn’t know why she needed to speak this way to the town’s leading man. Everyone else moved out of the way, but she remained. Her mind was clouded with adrenaline, and she didn’t want a man like this to just push her around.

She was tired of being pushed around.

Being unable to defend herself got her to this position, and she needed to make changes.

Julian came up to Iris. “My son looks like he was drugged? What the hell is going on here?” He waited, but then shook his head. “Wait… I don’t want to know. Wait for my lawyer to settle this.”

“Pardon?” Iris asked, flabbergasted. “Lawyer?”

“Yes…” Julian announced proudly. “I’m going to sue you.”

Iris, for a split second, snapped.

She slapped Julian across his face.

Presence Beach

Skye was almost completely out of the water. She kept a blank look on her face, and she walk at a steady pace up the muddy beach.

“Come on, Mateo,” Brianna coaxed, pulling at his arm. “Let’s get away from her. She seems very creepy to me right. I don’t feel right.”

Mateo stayed put. “She looks fine to me,” he responded. She tried to break loose, but Brianna was a persistent woman. “Can you let go?”

“Please…” she pleaded. “Let’s get out of here.”

“No!” he said, breaking out of the grip. He moved closer to Skye slowly approaching body. Her clothes stuck to her because of the water.

Brianna slowly backed away, wanting to drag Mateo away.

“Leave us alone!” Skye finally said, very coldly and mechanically. She approached Mateo on the beach, and she held his hand.

“How do you feel? What happened?” Mateo had many questions.

Skye smiled, almost grinning. “Better than I could have hope…”

Mateo was pleased by the response, but Skye’s grip on his hand seemed to tighten. “Why are you holding so tightly?”

Skye shrugged. “I don’t want you leave me.”

Brianna was listening, wishing that Mateo would get away. A shiver ran up her spine as she saw Skye run her fingers through Mateo’s hair.

“I have an idea…” Skye teased.

“What’s that?” Mateo asked cautiously.

Skye took a firm grip on him head. “This!”

Brianna screamed out loud as she watched the scene.

“Hey!” Mateo cried out. “What are you doing?”

He then saw Skye’s eyes turn a bright red. It felt as if her hands had melted on his head, and he knew she wouldn’t let go.

Brianna fell backward as a flash of orange light almost blinded her. She turned back to see Mateo with his mouth open, and his eyes rolled back.

“Mateo!” she cried out.

Mateo realized he had made a mistake. Seeing Brianna running away from the corner of his eye, he wanted to get away.

But he couldn’t. The inhuman force he felt coursing through his body caused him to lighten. And he no longer wanted to fight back.

He just wanted it to continue!

Torres Residence

Bo Torres stormed into Iris’s house. Two policemen followed him.

“Iris?” Bo called out, looking around. “You here?”

He prepared to check upstairs, but he stopped and looked on the floor.


“Oh, no…” he groaned, turning to the officers. “There’s blood on the ground.”

They followed the trail till it led outside the house.

Bo left to find his daughter. For some strange reason, he was worried for her.

Mystique Road

Giovanni could feel his skin close to blistering. He then whacked the pedals wedged around Addy’s foot, and pulled her with his strongest force.

She was freed!

Brooke rushed to Robert’s car that he allowed her to borrow. As Giovanni dragged Addy onto the pavement, Brooke brought the car up beside him.

“Let’s get her in!” Gillian insisted. Giovanni and she lifted Addy’s unconscious body up and into the open car door.

“To the hospital?” Brooke asked.

“Yes!” Giovanni exclaimed.

As the car took off, Gillian looked through the back window. The entire car was engulfed in flame, and quickly thereafter a small explosion was heard.

Giovanni checked Addy’s vitals.

“She’s very weak,” Giovanni concluded. “And she slightly burned on the right side of her face and arm.”

Gillian felt bad for her mother, but couldn’t help notice how Giovanni was holding her close to his body.

Tom Residence

“Gaaahhh!” Darla cried out as the contractions worsened. Robert was coaching Darla, but it didn’t seem to be working out.

“Breathe deeply,” Robert ordered. “Don’t hold your breath. I’ll let you hold my hand.”

Robert let out his hand, and as soon as Darla grabbed hold he regretted it. “Ow!” he cried, trying to get her to let go. “You… are… hurting… me…”

Meanwhile, Kassie couldn’t help but stay with Patrick. She wiped a few miscellaneous tears from her eyes, and she stared at the sheet.


She continued to stare, unable to look away.

Still – up! – Still – down!

“What…?” Kassie asked herself. She blinked several times, and rubbed her eyes. “Don’t loose it now, Kassie.”

She looked again, and she saw the same thing. It looked like breathing!

“Patrick!” she exclaimed in delight. She rushed over to his body and pulled the sheet off his face. “Patrick… can you hear me?”

Silence. (Beside Darla, in the background!)

She looked at his chest. She felt it.


“No!” she cried, getting up. “Why do I do this to myself? He’s dead!”

“I’m dead…?” came a faint voice.

Kassie turned around. “God, you’re going crazy…” She looked again, and could definitely see his eyes moving. “But if you aren’t… Patrick!”

She rushed up to his body again, and this time he looked very much alive.

“Patrick!” she cried out again.

Patrick’s head turned to the side, and his eyes opened slightly. Through his dizziness, he managed to crack a smile.

Kassie did the only thing that could come to her mind.

She kissed him.

Back in the living room, Robert had managed to break free. Darla didn’t seem to be doing very well, and this was worrying Robert.

“Breath deeply!” he continued. Darla didn’t look good at all. He continued, “Breath… don’t stop… don’t –” He stopped.

She was bleeding.

“C’mon!” Robert coached, shaking her slightly. “Breath…” He realized that her breathing wasn’t continuing. “No… breath… don’t stop… breathe… Breathe!”  

Episode 2-13

  • Kassie cares for two people.

  • Skye and Mateo have an enlightening time.

  • Brianna spills the beans to her husband.

  • Iris faces legal problems; she gets a strange visitor.

  • Addy recovers in the hospital.