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Episode 2-19
Posted: January 27, 2001

Natural Exposure

“You’re telling me Interpol is still looking for the men that brought the plane down?” Patrick Donovan declared on his cell phone. “What are you people doing? Do you know if they will be coming to America?”

Kassie Tom froze for a moment. She didn’t like the sound of Patrick’s silence. It didn’t signal good things.

“Dammit… Yeah, yeah,” Patrick muttered. “I’ll keep in touch.”

As soon as Kassie heard the beep of the phone turning off, she knew that he’d be turning around. She immediately fell to the floor and hid herself on the outside of his cubicle.

“Hello?” Patrick called out. “Who’s there?”

Kassie slapped her head. She hadn’t been silent in falling down. “It’s me,” she answered.

Patrick got up and walked out. He spotted her on the ground. “Lost something?”

“No, no, no…” Kassie stuttered, getting up and brushing herself off. “I just fell. Clumsy me. I wanted to see how you were doing.”

Eyeing her carefully, Patrick stepped back inside his cubicle. He was walking with a limp. “I just got a call.”

Kassie followed him in. “From whom?”

“Interpol,” he answered simply. “I wanted an update on the situation of the men who killed Ken Swenson and caused your father’s plane to crash.”


“And they’re still looking for them,” Patrick said simply. “But they’re closing in. They’re getting close.”

Kassie couldn’t believe it. “That’s what they said? You mean I’m not in danger anymore?”

“I’m still going to stay with you,” he said. “But there is nothing to worry about.”

Forcing a smile, Kassie nodded. “That’s great…”

As Patrick turned back to his pile of papers, Kassie turned around and headed to her office. She opened the door and stepped inside. The whole room felt smaller.

Patrick had lied to her. She knew he may have been trying to protect her, but he knew damn well she was a strong woman.

Presence Memorial Hospital

“I have good news,” said Doctor Wyndham. “Little Noah James is perfectly healthy. I’m very glad that you decided to bring him for a checkup.”

Darla Tom was ecstatic that he was healthy. A healthy, baby boy.

“He a good size for two months,” the doctor continued. “And his eye coordination is also very good.”

Darla smiled. “So, there wouldn’t be any need for – tests?”

Doctor Wyndham looked at her. “Why would he need that…?”


Skye Lore entered the hospital through the front doors. The minute she stepped in she could sense death and sickness throughout the halls.

She loved it.

“Now to find poor Brianna’s body,” she sighed happily. She looked around, but realized she couldn’t get a glimpse of the body unless she was a family member. “Damn…” she cursed.

Suddenly, she got an idea. It could be slightly dangerous, but it would add to the fun.

Skye came up to an orderly. “Excuse me, do you know where you keep bodies before funeral preparations are made?”

“It would be down that hallway, make a left and its in room C-99,” he stated, and then added, “But only personnel can get in.”

Skye nodded. “I have another problem. It’s my mother. You see… she collapsed in the washroom. I’m worried about her.” Skye led the anxious orderly to the washroom.

“I don’t see her,” he stated.

Skye grabbed his neck. “This won’t hurt, and you’ll wake up in about an hour.” She squeezed and he fell to the ground.

She dragged his body into a stall.

Mystique Road

“I can’t stop the car!” Ian Huber cried out. He pressed the brakes, and nothing happened. “I can’t – oh, jeez!”

Ian shifted his foot over to another pedal and the car stopped at the intersection.

“Note to self,” he spoke to himself. “Press brakes and not clutch to stop…”

Consuelos Residence

Mateo Consuelos was pacing round his home. The place was supposed to be his, and he figured that this was a good time to get acquainted with it.

He saw many pictures on a coffee table in the living room. He picked one up.

“Hum…” Mateo said, trying to pin on who it could be. “Looks like a brother. Goatee. Dark eyes. He looks sort of like me.”

He took the frame and smashed it open. He then took out the photo a turned it around.


“Ahh… this ‘my’ infamous brother that Skye sent to the mental hospital,” he deduced, putting the photo on the table. “And that is the last frame I’m smashing today.”

He spotted a second photo, but it was of a woman. Older… Possibly in her fifties.

“A mom – definitely,” he stated, deciding not to smash it.

He couldn’t stand just waiting around. He couldn’t help by wonder what Skye was doing at that moment…

Beach Hut

Iris Torres looked at her watch, and tapped her hand on the table in front of her. She had been waiting for Adam King for a while, and he was seriously late. They had to go over some papers for work.

“Where are you?” Iris muttered, taking the last, noisy sip from her drink.

With that, a waitress approached Iris. “Did you want a refill?”

Iris nodded, and picked up the newspaper in frustration. She skimmed the front page and was immediately struck by two headlines.

“How horrible,” she whispered to herself. “I can’t believe that poor woman died in a car accident…”

She then moved to the second headline.

“ ‘Kings throw a giant bash,’ ” she read. “They certainly did… I just wish that they showed up on time…”

Placing the paper down, she closed her eyes. She thought about what her father had told her about her being in love with Adam. Could it be true? She knew that she felt great around him. And there was absolutely nothing wrong with his looks. She –

“Here is you drink,” Brooke said, tearing through Iris’ thoughts. “Is your guest going to show up?”

Iris got up. “Do you think you could put it in a plastic cup?” Iris asked, picking up her papers and briefcase. “I’m done waiting.”

King Mansion

Adam King brought Macy Winthrop outside. It was a wonderful day, but Adam obviously seemed on edge.

“Are you alright?” Macy asked, wiping her blonde hair from her eyes. “You have been on edge since I got here.”

Adam shrugged. “I… I just wasn’t expecting you. You know, it’s been over two years. I never even got a letter. How was Europe?”

“It was good,” Macy responded. “But I wanted to call you so bad. I could only call you about six months ago. Your father said you weren’t in town. We made arrangements from then on for me to see you. He didn’t tell you?”

Adam knew that his father had covered for him being in jail. “Uh… he never said anything to me.”

They both were walking along the rim of the estate. They didn’t say anything to each other, and there was some awkwardness between them.

“I missed your company…” Macy spoke.

“Macy…” he began, unsure. “As much as I loved you back then, I have moved on. Whether your parents dragged you to Europe or not doesn’t matter to me. You never said goodbye to me. I came home to a note; I had a ring with me. That just shows how much to cared.”

“I’m sorry,” she started. “I didn’t know. My parents forced me to go.”

Adam shook his head. “You were a grown woman. You could say no.”

Confused, Macy blurted, “You didn’t miss me?”

“For a while,” he said, “but I got over you. And I’m currently interested in someone else.”

Macy grabbed Adam’s head. “Can she do this like I do?” She pulled him into a kiss.


Julian King was actually nervous. Chasing Henderson and Muriel around like a couple of chickens, he demanded every part of the house be perfect.

“No, no, no!” Julian announced. “The baby’s breath must remain askew from the germanium plants! And what is this? Champagne? I wanted sherry with the salmon! Does anyone know the meaning of fortified wine?”

Constance walked down the stairs. “How are the preparations going?”

Julian stopped in his tracks. “Besides the fact the cherries jubilee are a tad on the tart side, everything’s good.”

The doorbell rang out.

“Henderson. The door.” Julian let his servant by, but then, “No, I’ll get it.” Quickly, “I changed my mind. You get it, Henderson.” Finally, “No! I’ll get it. I’m his father.” He rushed over and opened it.

“Dad!” came John’s voice, deep and powerful. “It’s good to be home.”

Julian came to his son and wrapped his arms around him. “It has been quite a while, son. Have you grown?”

“This house looks wonderful,” John said, dragging his bags in.

“Oh, it is nothing,” Julian said.

John turned to his mother. “Speak of wonderful, you’re looking as elegant as always.”

Constance smiled. “Good to see you.”

“Yeah, right…” John muttered. “Anyways… Do I have a room?”

“Yes… It is in the west wing. The first room. You know, the one that leads out to a patio on the back. It has been fixed up and everything.” Julian pointed in the direction.

John signaled to Muriel. “Could you help me with these?”

She helped him with the luggage, and they headed off through the living room and the dinning room and down a hallway.

“Isn’t this great?” Julian asked, sighing.

Constance shook her head. “Just what we need,” she muttered. “Another schemer in this house…”

Presence Apartments: Giovanni

Giovanni Pike had his hands wrapped around Addy Evans’ neck! He was so angry with her for doing this to him. To him, she was an awful, destructive woman.

“You destructive woman!” Giovanni cried out.

Addy kicked him in the shins and got loose. “Stop that! It’s annoying!” Wiping off her leather jacket, she composed herself. “If you piss me off, I can do whatever I want with this tape.”

Giovanni stopped himself and took a step back. “What do you want?”

“Nothing,” she responded, moving to the center of the apartment. “Nice place.”

“Sure…” Giovanni muttered. “Enough pleasantries… What do you want?”

Addy turned around. “I’m not sure… yet. I guess an expression. Something to make this worthwhile.”

“That’s sick.”

Shaking her head, Addy responded pointing to the cassette, “No… This is sick.”

“Just get on with it. What do you want?”

Addy moved to the television, observing the whole apartment. “You know, it could use some red on that wall over there. Maybe a fake plant. Something to bring out the—”

“Alright, alright…” Giovanni said, exasperated. “I want to know this: Where did you find it?”

Turning on the TV, Addy turned around. “You know, I have no idea. But I have a feeling someone else in this town knows.” Turning the screen on, Addy slipped the cassette in the VCR.

Biting his lip, Giovanni just wanted this woman to leave. Whatever it took.


Gillian Evans pulled her car up outside the apartment building. Pushing her red hair back, she brought the car to a stop in a parking space.

“I’m here,” she said, taking the keys out of the ignition. “And I’m sure this will be a visit to remember…”

Natural Exposure

“Kassie?” Patrick said, entering her office. “I need to talk to you.”

Looking up, she saw he was walking sans-crutches. “Is it about your leg?”

Patrick shrugged. “That’s part of it. My leg is feeling mush better. It is sore like something fierce, but I will be able to fully use it, soon.”

“That’s great…” Kassie said. “What else?”

Patrick limped up to her desk. “It’s about my memory…” he sighed, feeling his head. “Do you ever get that feeling that you had something really important on your mind, but then it’s gone?”

“Sure,” Kassie said, getting up and walking to him. “It is a glitch in our brains, I’m sure. When did this happen? Just now?”

Patrick shook his head. “It’s been bugging me for a long time now. Right after my fall, a few things escaped me.”

Kassie thought a moment. “That was two months ago – exactly. It couldn’t have been that important.”

“I don’t know…” Patrick said, unsure. “I have a feeling it was something that could change your family’s life forever…”

Presence Memorial Hospital

“Why the test?” Darla stuttered, stumbling over her words. “I – I just meant that when I has Kassie – God know that was an eternity ago – they needed to do some tests.”

Doctor Wyndham nodded. “I guess they would have done that if they figured she had a disease. But Noah is healthy. He’s fine.”

Darla nodded in agreement. “Good… Sorry… I was just so worried that something could have been wrong.”

“Like every other mother,” Wyndham chuckled. “You have no need to worry…”

“Doctor?” came a female voice. “There’s a man here. He claims to have broken his arms. He needs attention.”

The doctor got to the door. “I’ll be right back…”

Darla didn’t mind. She was already with her favorite guy in the whole world.


Skye managed to get down the hallways and turned left. Wearing the orderly’s lab coat and badge, she managed the gain access to the morgue.

“Ah… The one place I am indeed comfortable…” She made her way over to a list of names and compartments. She quickly picked out a name:

‘Huber, Brianna – A5.’

Moving to A5, Skye heard a familiar voice.


As he entered the morgue, she quickly turned away. Her clothes made her look like an ordinary doctor.

“Where is she?” Ian blasted as he entered the room. Checking the list, “A5.” Moving over to the compartment, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“You’ve made arrangements for a funeral?” Nurse Betty asked, following Ian in. “We’ve got men ready for transport. They’ll be around in a bit. When’s the funeral?”

Ian took a deep breath before opening. “It’s tomorrow, at St. Peter’s Catholic Church.”

Perfect, thought Skye. That is a party I’ll be attending.

The slab slid open, and there laid Brianna’s dark body. Skye couldn’t help but take a peek, and once she did she couldn’t help by stare.

“Oh, God…” Ian blurted, covering his face. “I can’t believe this happened. How could it have happened?”

Betty came up and patted his back. “Everything will be okay…”

“I could have seen this coming,” he continued. “She was hesitant at first to ever get in the car. And now she’s gone! All she could think about was how much trouble she was in. I –” He suddenly remembered being attacked by Mateo. “He did this.”

Skye felt a chill; the first time in a while. What’s he up to?

Quickly, Ian took out his cell phone. “Hello? Father McMurdy? Yes… I have something important to ask you…”

Presence Apartments: Giovanni

Addy pushed the cassette in and pressed the ‘Play’ button.

“I saw a clip last night,” she said, waiting for a picture. “Pretty nasty. You wouldn’t want Gillian to see this, would you?”

“You wouldn’t…” Giovanni approached her, and a picture popped on the screen. “Jeez! I invited her to come over! She’ll see this.”

Addy smiled. “You’d better hope she doesn’t show up.” Watching the screen, she pointed. “The credits are gone… If my memory serves me, you’re in the first scene.”

Giovanni nodded. “Yes… I am…”

On the screen, there was a young woman. She was combing her hair, looking into a mirror. She looked exotic.

“What is she? Sixteen?” Addy asked, stepping back.

“Shut up…”

“Shhhhh…” Addy said, waving her hands. “The best part is coming up.”

As she combed her hair, the young woman unbuttoned her blouse. And before Addy could make a smart remark, a buff man came up from behind her. He stripped down her shirt, and grasped her.

“Okay, you’ve had your fun… Turn it off…” Giovanni turned away.

Addy turned around. “I said ‘Shhhhh!’ I’m trying to follow the plot.”

Within seconds, the two people were after each other like dogs to a bone. Primal, they devoured each other passionately. Looking closely, it was obvious who the man was.


Outside the apartment, Gillian noticed the door was open. Holding something behind her back, she peered through the door.

Addy heard someone at the door. She said nothing, and walked up to Giovanni.

“Someone’s going to get a surprise,” Gillian said, smiling. She entered the apartment, and then stopped dead in her tracks. “Oh, my God!”

Addy immediately planted a kiss on Giovanni.

King Mansion

“Ooooo, John…”

On the sofa in John new room, Muriel was lying on her back. John was on top of her, kissing her cheek and neck.

“What’s it been? Three years?” John laughed, unbuttoning her blouse. He brought himself down to the base of her neck, and pulled her shirt open.

Muriel couldn’t help but giggle. “You’re right…”

Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door. “John? Are you settled in yet? I need to speak you.”

With that, John jumped off Muriel. He zipped down his fly and tucked his shirt back in. “You’d better get going.”

The servant got up and buttoned her blouse back up. “What does he want?”

“I don’t know,” John said, taking a fifty out of his pocket. He placed in her hand. “But why don’t you get yourself something nice.”

Muriel smiled back at him, and pocketed the money. She quickly covered herself, and John made his way to the door. He opened it, and was greeted by his father.

“Hello, son. I just want to –” Julian stopped when he saw Muriel pass by. “My, my… it took her a while to put way those bags.

John grinned. “So… what did you want to talk about?”

“It is about what I was talking to you on the phone about during our party,” Julian said. “Do you remember?”

John nodded. “Yeah. Something about a broad that Adam’s chasing. You want her to stay away from him?”

Julian nodded. “Permanently.”


Iris stepped up to the edge of the King Estate. She wondered if Adam was still inside.

“Maybe his family is harassing him about going out to see me,” Iris guessed, passing by a large bush. She walked further until she heard a voice.

“…And I’m currently interested in someone else.”

It sounded like Adam, and he was obviously arguing with someone else. He was defending himself about a current relationship he was having.

“My knight…” she sighed, turning around the bush. “Hi—”

She cut herself off once she saw him standing there, kissing a woman right in front of her eyes. They looked into it, and Iris felt so stupid.

“Of course…” she muttered, turning away. “This actually makes sense… Why would a King have anything to do with me?”

Natural Exposure

“Trouble for my family?” Kassie asked worriedly. “Are you try to pull something on me? That wouldn’t be wise…”

Patrick shook his head. “I don’t know… It is just a feeling I’m getting. That’s all.”

“Then cut it out,” Kassie snapped back. His previous lies were eating at her. “I’m all for you protecting me, but don’t poke at my family.”

“I’m not,” Patrick insisted. “How could you think that?”

Kassie came up to him. “Do you believe I’m a strong woman?”

“Of course,” Patrick said, not understanding. “You have been through so much, and you’ve taken it all in stride.”

“So you’d tell me anything that could harm me or my family, right?” Kassie asked blankly.

Patrick paused. “Yes. I would.”

“That is all I wanted to know,” Kassie said.

Patrick tried to approach her, but she was obviously despondent.

Patrick lifted his hands up. “Fine… I don’t know what I did, but I thought that we were close enough to get over whatever it is…

You say you won’t keep anything from me, Kassie thought. But you are.

Tom Residence

Outside the house, a car pulled up. Eyes from inside saw that there was none home. They drove away, disappearing over a dip in Mystique Road.

But they would be back.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church: Cemetery

Robert Carlyle stepped over and around the many graves. It was an important place for him, and he made his way to two stones.

‘James Carlyle: 1978.’

“My son…” Robert sighed, wiping away a tear. “I never got to know you… But you will be forever in my heart. With my new son, he carries on your name…”

Robert’s hand trailed from his dead baby’s grave to a second.

‘Margaret Carlyle: 1948 – 1978.’

“Honey,” Robert addressed his deceased wife. “You can’t image what it felt like to lose for you and my son all at once. But I’m going to change it all.”

He took out a picture of his wife. She had dark, auburn locks that we cut to her neck, curling up. She was an elegant woman, in her thirties when the photo was taken.

“I now have Noah James,” he said happily. “I used to want to keep his parentage under wraps, but now I’m not so sure.” He put the picture back in his pocket.

He needed his son.

Presence Memorial Hospital

Darla was playing peek-a-boo with Noah when another doctor came in. “You’re going to need to stay here a little longer. We’re going to need to take a test.”

Darla froze. “A test?”

He nodded. “It is for the best… I just got another test result.”

“Why?” Darla cried out. “Is there something wrong?”

The doctor didn’t respond.

“I need some information,” Darla demanded. “You can’t just do tests here!”

“I can do whatever I want,” he said.

Darla, angered, came up to the doctor and grabbed his arm. “I’ll need to know what you’re going to test for. I’m a patient, too. You can’t be secretive!”

No response. The doctor just scooped up Noah.

“Where are you taking him?” Darla demanded, grabbing on the doctor’s arm. “This is my baby. Don’t do this!”

The doctor set Noah down gently and hit Darla with the back of his hand. “Shut up!”

Darla reeled backwards, clasping her cheek. “You’re not really a doctor, are you?”

“Bingo,” he said, stepping back. “I want only one thing: this child. Then I’ll be able to get what I want.”

Darla shook her head, adrenaline pumping through her system. “If you think I’m going to stand by and let you take my child, you’re sorely mistaken.”

The man reached under his lab coat and pulled out a gun. “No. You’re mistaken.”

Backing up, Darla stared down the barrel of a small handgun pointed at her. She didn’t know what this man wanted, but he meant business.

Her heart pounding, the gun remained locked.



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Episode 2-20

  • Darla's situation continues. Will Noah be safe?

  • Kassie, Patrick and Robert all get home.

  • Mateo picks up Skye from the hospital. Father McMurdy feels strange around them.

  • Iris is approached by John.

  • Adam tries to call Iris.
  • Gillian fumes at Addy; Giovanni tries to improve the situation.