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Episode 2-21
Posted: February 10, 2001

Tom Residence

It was a very bad morning for everyone living in Kassie’s house. There were police interviewing each family member and bagging evidence.

“I told you guys this about three times already!” Darla Tom cried out, covering her head with her hand. “A man ‘claiming’ to be a doctor came into the office after Dr. Wyndham had left. He had a gun. I attacked him. The gun when off – killing him. I was in shock, so I grabbed Noah and left.”

The officer just wrote, looking fairly indifferent.

“So... Darla started, worried. “Did anything happen to Dr. Wyndham?”

The officer flipped through his notes. “No. He had left the office, and came back to a gathering of people. We had suspected you of the crime.”

Darla jotted her head around, tired. “Well, it wasn’t me.”

A second officer walked up the stairs of the house, and met up with another coming out of Darla’s room. He bagged the bloodied shirt she had worn the day before. Kassie passed them both coming up, rocking Noah in her arms. She was searching for Patrick Donavon.

Suddenly, Patrick came out of Darla’s room, chatting with an officer. Kassie signaled for him to come to her.

“Yes?” he asked, approaching her. His walking was very much improved, and he seemed to have much more energy than anyone else there. “What is it?”

“Why are they so many people here?” Kassie asked.

Waving to an officer, he turned back to Kassie. “There was a murder. Or, in this case, accidental homicide. Your mother is clear of all charges, so they’ll be gone very soon. They just had a lot of people available.”

“This is just so—”

“—Unbelievable?” Patrick finished. “I know.”

Still rocking Noah, Kassie continued. “Do they know who threatened my mother with the gun?”

Pausing, “They have taken her statement. It seems as if they wanted information…”

Kassie’s eyes opened. “Like on the plane last year. Those hijackers wanted information that my father had.”

Patrick nodded. “She mentioned your father in the list of demands the attacker made.”

If you had warned us about the man being in North American, none of this would have happened, Kassie thought bitterly. “So… You never got word that these men could have found us?”

Patrick shook his head. “No word.”

Liar, Kassie thought. “That is too bad.”

Meanwhile, Robert Carlyle had reentered the home after getting some needed groceries. Baby foods and diapers, mostly. “Everyone’s still here?” he asked, worried.

Darla excused herself from an officer and greeted Robert. “They don’t want to leave,” she said, observing the products she got. “ ‘Premium?’ Those are the expensive diapers!”

“Only the best,” Robert began, “for my son.”

Darla looked around. “Keep your voice down…”

“I’m ready to be a father,” he started, bringing the groceries to the kitchen. “And I am, no matter what anyone says.”

Darla looked over at him nervously, her mind filling with so many things to be worried about: Noah’s safety… Noah’s paternity… people after information…

Robert looked as if her had something on his mind. “I’ve got to get something…”

“Okay…” Darla said, watching him scammer away and into the hall. She went to the baby food, but then heard a thumping sound. “Wha—?”

Rushing into the hall, she saw Patrick finish his tumble down the stairs.

“What did you do?” she heard Kassie screamed, rushing down the steps. “Robert. Why did you push him?”

Presence Memorial Hospital

Dr. Wyndham paced outside his office, but he was sure he wasn’t going to be allowed inside. He picked up a chart and went over to the nurse’s station.

“Doctor?” asked Nurse Betty, putting down some papers. “Where are you going?”

“To check on a patient,” he replied, signing out on a chart. “Page me if the police end their investigation, okay?”

Betty nodded as Dr. Wyndham signed out for the day.

Huber Residence

“Make sure everything goes as planned,” Ian Huber spoke on the phone. He was dressed completely in black. “I want everything to be perfect.”

He hung up the phone, and left the house.

Consuelos Residence

“C’mon!” Mateo Consuelos called out, doing up the black tie on his equally black suit. “Are you ready yet? We have a funeral to get to!”

When no response came, he came into the guest room. He found Skye Lore asleep in her sleek, black dress. She had her dark hair pulled back in a bun.

“Get up!” Mateo called to her. “We need to get good seats for the funeral… a funeral! How could you miss such a euphoric event?”

Skye’s eyes opened up. “Sorry… I have just been feeling weak all morning.”

Mateo grabbed her arm and lifted her up. “Don’t you just fall asleep on me! We’ve worked hard to witness an event like this.”

“I know…” Skye groaned. “I wouldn’t miss it. Not after I’ve made so many plans.”

Mateo eyed her. “You can have some fun, but don’t go too extreme.”

Now awake, Skye smiled to Mateo, straitening her dress. “I have been saving all my power for this moment. Give me some pleasure.”

As they exited the house, Mateo actually worried if Skye would go too far. But he knew one this for sure.

It would a funeral to remember.

Pacifica Country Club

Adam King was fuming as he exited the limousine outside the Pacifica Country Club entrance. He hadn’t been there in over a year, and didn’t want to be there for another year.

His father, Julian, his mother, Constance, and his brother, John, were all arriving at the same time.

“We’re going to have a great time!” Julian announced, wrapping his arm around his son. “You needed an outing like this to bring you to your roots.”

Adam said nothing, but knew the whole place was a cesspool of superficiality. No character to be found. It was drowned in a sickening pool of champagne, pain, and expensive, empty, unfulfilling cakes.

“This will be fun,” Adam said through his teeth. He only wondered what his father’s agenda was.

Constance came up to her son. “I’m going to chat with Pricilla and Lourdes. Be brave.” She smiled and headed to the bar.

John entered the club, and disappeared in the mass of people.

“Come this way!” Julian told Adam. Despite knowing better, Adam followed. He tailed his father who treaded along the lush, green grass to a table.

“I can’t believe this!” Adam announced.

He was looking at Macy Winthrop. She was wearing an elegant, white dress with a pastel sunhat. He was sipping an unknown drink, and looking up at him.

He was set up.


At the bar, Constance greeted Lourdes and Pricilla. As usual, they were both drinking heavily, and their speeches were slurred.

“I can’t believe my husband has been cheating for three years,” Lourdes spewed, putting down her drink. “I should have seen it.”

Constance couldn’t help but smile. Everyone had know – even Lourdes – that her husband had a mistress. Why she spoke now, she didn’t know.

“Oh!” Pricilla gasped. “Did you hear the horrible news?”

Constance looked confused. “No.”

Lourdes lifted her hand to speak. “I can’t believe that Alistair didn’t contact you. What a horrid man.”

Looking at her friends, Constance was indeed worried…

Torres Residence

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” Iris Torres kept repeating to herself over and over. She had been in the kitchen all morning, but hadn’t eaten a thing.

Bo Torres, her father, entered the kitchen. “What are you muttering about.”

“You,” she replied.

Bo sat down at the table. “I’ll take it things didn’t go too well with Adam.”

“I never saw him,” Iris finished, getting up. “I saw him kissing a woman who turned out to be his ex-fiancé.”

Bo bowed his head. “Ouch.”

“And none of this would have happened if you hadn’t driven the fact that I could have had a future with him.”

“And you believed me, which means if must have been true,” Bo retorted.

Iris stuttered. “That is beside the point. I was perfectly fine thinking that he was way out of my league.” She paused. “And you could have done it on purpose. I know that you’ve had that resentment towards me.”

Bo whipped his head up. “Don’t bring that up. I’m over it.”

“You keep saying it, but I never believe it.” Iris went over to the fridge and took out the orange juice.

Presence Apartments: Giovanni

Opening her eyes to the bring sunlight, Gillian Evans tries to decipher where she was at that moment. She turned over in the bed and saw Giovanni Pike lying beside her.

“Oh, my God!” she gasped, getting up. “We didn’t—?”

Giovanni shook his head. “No. We just fell asleep together.”

Feeling reassured, she fell back into his arms. She could feel that they hadn’t gone all the way in her own body.

“This feels good,” Gillian stated, turning over to him. She traced her hand along his chest, and over small patches of hair. He smiled, and it made her melt.

It felt so right.

However, Giovanni had something very important on his mind. Something that his entire relationship depended on.

The tape.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

“Welcome.” Father McMurdy greeted mourners to the funeral service. They were all dressed in black, and took their proper seats in the pews.

The Father froze as Skye and Mateo arrived, arms linked together, to the church. He felt a terrible vibe, but he greeted them without confrontation.

Within moments, Ian came up to the religious man. “Do you think we should let them in?”

Father McMurdy shook his head. “They can’t do anything harming in here. We have the powers of goodness all around us…”

Mateo and Skye took a seat near the rear.

“Where’s the coffin?” Skye asked anxiously. People were still standing around, whispering to each other.

Mateo poked her. “It is in the back, I believe.”

With that, Father McMurdy went to the front of the church and stood at his podium. It was a fairly small building, so his voice carried to everyone without a microphone.

“We are bringing out the casket,” McMurdy announced. He stepped down, and the pallbearers came out and brought the coffin to the front.

“It starts…” Skye grinned. She closed her eyes and was in deep thought.

Mateo just looked forwards, wondering why kind of trouble Skye was going to get them in.

Within a minute of the pallbearers leaving the casket, a cool air blew through the church, and a few candles at the front were extinguished.

Ian and Father McMurdy were both standing side-by-side at the front. Ian covered his arms, and leaned over to the Father. “That didn’t feel right…”

Father McMurdy nodded. “God will make everything right…”

Mateo grabbed Skye, who seemed like she was going to explode. “Don’t bring to much attention…”

It looked as if it were too late. A much stronger gust of wind blew past all the guests. A worried mumble of talk erupted. All the candles’ flames had been devoured by the cold wind.

“It is warm outside…” Ian muttered. “There is something afoot…”

“Skye…” Mateo urged. "Stop..."

Gisshh! A light bulb burst above the guests and sparks flew into the crowd of people. Screams were let out as some people panicked.

Mateo shielded his head as a second light bulb exploded. “Okay… We want to lay low…” He was surprised at how worried he was.

A fluttering came from in the rafters above them.

“What was that?” Louder fluttering could be heard. Ian looked around, trying to see what was making the sound.

Father McMurdy hit something away from his face. He looked to the people in the church who could have thrown it at him.

No one.

“Look!” Ian cried out pointing. “That is it!”

Father McMurdy looked to where he was pointing, and gasped. He covered his mouth as the omen sent a chill down his spine.

“My, God…” he muttered.

It was a raven.

And as the horrible fluttering became louder, clearer and closer, he could only wonder what Hell was going to be thrust upon them…

Presence Apartments: Giovanni

Giovanni got out of the bed, and made his way to his small apartment’s living room. At the television, he got up to the VCR.

“Time to destroy you…” he said. “No one’s going to know that I made love to a sixteen year old when I was twenty… In a porno flick, no less…”

Turning the VCR on to eject, he heard feet.

“Gio?” came Gillian’s voice. “What do you have there?”

“Nothing,” he replied.

She looked over to the VCR, and saw the delayed eject take place. “What’s on the tape?”

“Nothing,” he repeated, nervous.

Gillian eyed him. “Are you trying to hide something…?”

Evans Residence

Addy Evans was sitting in the living room when the phone rang. She quickly answered it and immediately recognized the voice.

“Brooke?” Addy asked, double-checking.

“Addy?” Brooke questioned in return. “I know it has been a long time, but had Gillian said anything about the gift I gave her in the hospital?”

Addy was about to say ‘No,’ but a place developed in her head.

“Well?” Brooke urged.

“Yes,” Addy replied. “She said she saw something on a tape she got in the hospital. She seemed shocked. It must have been big.”

Brooke remained silent.

“She’s at Giovanni’s right now,” Addy continued. “You might need to go talk to her. She might need someone to talk to.”

“Good idea,” Brooke stated. “Thanks.”

Addy smiled. “Believe me. It’s my pleasure.”

As they each hung up, Addy couldn’t help but grin. She had just signed the death warrant to Gillian and Giovanni’s relationship.

Pacifica Country Club

It had been a while since Julian had left them alone, and Adam had no intention of being too rude.

“What did my father say to get you to come here?” Adam asked seriously.

Macy felt terribly embarrassed. “He said that you wanted to talk with me. I can’t believe that you would have wanted to see me after how you blasted me in our last meeting.”

“My father really wants you in my life,” Adam concluded. “I’m sorry that he has dragged you back into my life.”

Macy got up, and started to leave.

“Wait, Iris!” Adam called out, getting up.

Macy turned around. “Did you just call me ‘Iris?’ ”

Adam froze. “Sorry… I just—”

“Don’t bother explaining,” Macy responded, leaving. “I know where your mind is. I’m sorry I ever came back into your life.”

Adam stood sheepishly by the table.


“John!” Julian called out to his son.

John was sitting on a pale couch with a blonde woman in a blue dress. He was leaning over her, his hand on her leg. She was giggling.

“John…” Julian stated sternly. “Not now…”

Exasperated, he sent the woman on her way. “What is it?”

“I just wanted to know how your mayoral duties have been going,” Julian responded. “And I didn’t want you to make a fool of yourself in front of all these people. Do what you want at home, but you need to remain respectable here.”

John nodded sadly. “Yeah… yeah… About being mayor, it is nothing but photo opts and signatures. Everyone else I hire to do the work for me.”

Julian smiled. “That’s my boy.”


“What is this horrible news?” Constance asked.

Pricilla, sobering up for the news, put her drink down. “It is about your brother and his wife.”

Confused, “What about Frederick and Fanny?”

“They were killed in a car accident yesterday evening, in the Alps,” Lourdes said, sparing no emotions or time.

Constance covered her mouth at the awful news that her brother and sister-in-law were dead.

Torres Residence

“You hated me?” Iris stuttered.

“That was the past,” Bo corrected. “I have just recently come to the realization that it was an accident. I have said this many times.”

“Sorry,” Iris groaned. “I think ten years of alienation from family warrants a bit of skepticism.”

Bo got up and came to her. “I regret the choices I made regarding you in the past,” he began. “If I could turn back the clock ten years and act differently, I would. All I have now to fix is the present. And I’m trying.”

“I know…” Iris said emotionally. “I just left so quickly, I hardly have any memories from my past. None of old stuff.”

“I have it covered,” Bo stated.

Iris turned to him. “How?”

“We’re taking a field trip today,” Bo continued.


“To San Francisco,” Bo finished. “To your old home; to my current home. We can look for your old mementoes and personal items.”

Iris’ eyes welled up, and she wrapped her arms around him. “Thanks you so much.”

Tom Residence

Kassie raced down to help Patrick, and knelt down beside him. The scene felt familiar. She remembered when Patrick fell down the stairs late November.

“Patrick?” Kassie called out to him.

Stirring, Patrick let out a moan and opened his eyes. He squinted, and got up onto his feet. “I’m fine,” he groaned, touching his head. “I’m experienced with these kinds of things. Just a little bump.”

The police officers that had gather approached him. “You sure you’re alright?”

Patrick nodded. “I’m good.”

“Great,” the officer started. “Because we’ve been called over the Presence Memorial. There’s a crime scene that needs help.”

“That’s alright,” Patrick said. “We’ll be fine.”

The officers leave through the front door. After it closed, Kassie turned to Robert. “Why did you push him?”

Robert lifted his hands. “I swear it was an accident. All I wanted to do was get a bottle upstairs, but them I ran into Patrick.”

Kassie eyed him suspiciously, but turned her attention to Patrick. She still had Noah in her arms, so she didn’t want to start yelling.

Darla came over to Robert while Kassie and Patrick were out of hearing range. “Did you push him?”

“Of course not,” he responded, but Darla knew the ‘look’ he had in his eyes. “I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

Darla grasped his hand. “What ever is going on in that head of yours, let me make something perfectly clear for you.”


“Don’t tell anyone you’re the father,” Darla pleaded. “You can be around him as much as you want, just don’t say anything.”

Robert nodded, but checked his watch.

“You expecting someone?” Darla asked curiously.

Robert shook his head. “No. Just wanted to know the time.”

Back to the base of the stairs, Kassie was checking Patrick’s head. “I don’t think there’s a concussion.”

“There is nothing wrong,” Patrick insisted. “In fact, I feel better than before.”

“Really?” Kassie asked, trying to keep Noah from falling. “How so?”

“My memory,” he responded. “Maybe that whack brought some of it back.”

Kassie smiled. “You mean like when we were at Natural Exposure, and you said there was something that you just couldn’t remember? Do you know what it is?”

Patrick shook his head.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Patrick, who was closest, rushed over to the door. Both Robert and Darla came to see who it was. Kassie passed Noah to Darla. “He’s been good.”

“Hello?” Patrick greeted the man.

The man looked nervous. “Hi. Is Darla there?”

Darla, rocking Noah below the stairs, peered over. “Doctor Wyndham?”

He nodded. “I… I just came to see how Noah was doing.”

“You look nervous,” Kassie observed.

Patrick didn’t feel right about the doctor being there. Something didn’t seem right. No right at all.

Just then, Patrick saw an irregular shadow move around Dr. Wyndham’s. After a second, Patrick’s eyes opened wide. He dove on Kassie just as a gunshot rang out.

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Episode 2-22

  • As the ravens attack, a second incident "bloody" incident develops.

  • Iris and Bo review their past.
    Constance gets more information. Julian and John plan.

  • Twists rock the Tom household. Who is shot?

  • Giovanni's luck comes to an end regarding the tape.