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Episode 2-25
Posted: March 10, 2001

Tom Residence

Kassie Tom bumped into Patrick while exiting her mother’s room that morning. They didn’t speak to each other, and both made their way to the kitchen downstairs.

Getting orange juice, Patrick was the first to break the ice. “How is your mother holding up?”

Kassie looked up from the table, and empty bowl in front of her. “Bad.”

“What wrong?” Patrick continued, bringing cereal to the table. He placed it in front of Kassie.

“I think she’s depressed,” Kassie muttered, pushing the box of Cheerios away. “And who wouldn’t be? Her child was kidnapped last night. A preventable incident.”

Patrick lowered his head and sat down across from her. “I apologized already, but you must understand where I was coming from.”

Kassie looked up. “Where? The way I see it, you couldn’t think my mother or I could handle the fact we were targets.”

Patrick wasn’t sure how to smooth things over. “What about Robert?” he asked, unsure of the response. “He was living here all that time, and we didn’t know he was working with them.”

Kassie shrugged. “Maybe if you’d pressured more the fact that you were looking for them, it could have scared him. We were just helpless chickens.”

“There is one thing,” Patrick said, taking a sip of juice. “Why did he work with those men to take little Noah away? What did they have that he wanted?”

Second Pier; 2 miles north of Presence

The foghorn rang out as Robert Carlyle stepped onto the second pier. Like the day before, he was going to check up on Noah.

“Who goes there?” came the man voice from behind a padlocked door.

“It’s me again,” Robert answered. The door opened and he entered. “My plans better not be for nothing. How are the other plans… for the child…”

The man led him inside and to the same room as before. Inside the crib laid three month-old Noah James Tom. “It was really annoying trying to change his diapers.”

Robert smiled. He came to the child. “Don’t worry… I’ll be changing your diapers from now on… my little boy… James Carlyle…”

The man looked to him nervously. “Um… why are you calling him that?”

Robert looked at him. “It was the name I wanted… but Darla—the woman you took the child from—wanted Noah. It was also the name that my dead baby had. My deceased wife, Margaret, always liked James. There’s no way I’m letting that woman run this boy’s life.”

The man nodded. “Very well… I guess I’m sorry for your loss…”

There was a knocking at the door.

“It’s them,” the man said.

Robert nodded. “Everything I asked for?”

“Yes,” the man said. “Everything.”

Torres Residence

Sitting at the kitchen table, Iris Torres spread some strawberry jam on two pieces of toast. Her father had arrived home late the other night, so she was letting him sleep in.

Before she could take a bite, the doorbell rang. She got up swiftly and made her way to the door. She opened it.

“Hi!” she squealed, wrapping her arms around the visitor. “We haven’t spoken in ages!”

Gillian Evans pushed away from her friend. “I know… I just needed to come over. Something happened.”

Iris could see that look in her friend’s eyes. “Oh… well, come into the kitchen. I’m starving… I didn’t eat supper last night.”

They made their way, and Gillian sat down and sighed.

“Want toast?” Iris offered, taking out the loaf of bread.

Gillian shook her head. “No… But I would like to ask a question.”

“Ask away,” Iris said, bringing her plate to the table.

Gillian took a breath. “Last night, I discovered something shocking about Giovanni. Something that I don’t think we can get past.”

“Giovanni?” Iris asked, taking a bite of her bread. “I wasn’t aware you two were involved. I remember at the hospital her was with you and your mother.”

“Well… I thought we were starting to get close… but…”


Gillian placed her head into her hands. “It was a video… of him… and another woman…”

“A woman…?”

“No!” Gillian said sharply, correcting herself. “A girl. It was a pornographic film, and he was make ‘love’ to some teenager.”

Iris stopped chewing. “You’re serious?”

Gillian nodded. “It was embarrassing… completely!”

“Listen,” Iris said. “I may not be number one in romance, but I do know something like this shouldn’t get between two people.”

“So what do you think I should do?” Gillian asked.

“Whatever your heart says,” Iris said simply. “If you truly believe that this should end something that could otherwise be wonderful, than do it.”

This made Gillian think.

With that, the doorbell rang again.

“Jeez!” Iris muttered. “Who knew this house was the hub of activity in the morning?” She jogged over to the door and opened it.

“I just couldn’t wait to see you,” came Adam’s voice from the doorway. “I needed to get out of the estate before my father got wind.”

Iris blushed, as she adjusted her clothes. “I didn’t dress up or anything.”

“No matter,” he said simply. “Nor am I.”

Iris eyed him, and he was dressed down. He had a white T-shirt and blue jeans, and she just wanted to melt as how well they fit him.

He caught eye of her slender pants and slightly unbuttoned blouse. She looked so good to him that he brushed back his hair to cool himself off.

“There is one thing,” Iris said.


“Iris? Who’s at the door?” came Gillian voice, sliding into the room. “I—” She stopped and covered her mouth. “Ohmygod!”

Adam smiled. “I see you have company.”

Iris nodded sheepishly.

“My goodness!” Gillian exclaimed. “It’s Adam King! Here, in your house. Man… I haven’t seen you since you were on trial for her stabbing.”

It was going to be an interesting morning.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Father McMurdy entered his rectory to find Ian Huber keeping a watch over Mateo Consuelos. Mateo was tied down on a small bed they had brought in the night before

“Everything is running as planned?” Father McMurdy asked Ian, walking to his table and taking a think book with a cross on it off.

Ian nodded. “We’re ready to begin,” he said skeptically. “Are you sure this will work?”

The priest nodded. “Yes… It is the only way to bring him back to the way he was.”

Mateo, awake, was listening to their talks. “No… don’t do it… I won’t do anything bad from now on…”

Ian rushed up to him and grabbed his throat. “Listen to me you bastard-demon! You killed my wife and tried to kill me – don’t think we’re going to fall pitying you. You make me sick, and I hope you rot in hell.”

As soon as he said it he slapped his head.

“Hell? Oooo… Scary!” Mateo teased. “It’s not like I haven’t been there before!”

“What are you doing up here?” Ian demanded as Father McMurdy prepared.

Mateo shrugged. “To bring evil, you idiot. We’ve been doing it for centuries! Attila the Hun, Adolph Hitler, Barney—”


“Don’t ask,” Father McMurdy muttered. “We’ve been fighting his evil for years.” With that, the made his way to Mateo’s tied body with a bowl of water. “We’re starting.”

Mateo began to squirm. “No! You can’t! Dammit, let me out!!”

Not flinching, Ian stepped back. Father McMurdy pulled out his Bible and opened it to a bookmarked page. He started reading…

“Nooo!” Mateo screamed, thrashing around. “You can’t!”

As the priest read, Ian couldn’t help but feel a slight bit of pity… only slightly…

St. Peter’s Catholic Church: Graveyard

Skye Lore walked along the many graves, reading the stone. She finally stopped overtop a freshly dug grave, and took out her phone. She dialed a number.

Below the grown, Brianna Huber was very weak she hadn’t eaten in a long time, and the weaker meal of crackers that had been wrapped in the newspaper weren’t nearly satisfying.

Brianna picked up the cell phone for the thousandth time and tried to dial it. She could press all the number, but the ‘SEND’ button had been removed and gouged.

Skye had thought her plan through.

Within seconds, the phone rang out. She answered it. “Skye? That ring scared me to death!”

Skye laughed. “To death? Well, you’re practically there!”

“What do you want? I’ll do anything!”

Skye thought a moment. “I don’t have ideas right now, but I do have a very interesting plan. A game of Russian roulette, if you will.”

“What?” Brianna demanded.

“In the paper,” Skye said, “wedged in the sections are two pills.”

Listening to the instructions, Brianna frantically searched and found them. “What about them?”

“There is a blue one and a pink one—but you can’t see that. When you take it will put you back into a long sleep, because I decide I need you and then have you dug up.”

Nervously, “And the other?” Brianna asked.

“It will kill you,” Skye said bluntly. “You will feel a burning sensation, and your insides will slowly dissolve. Then you will bleed from your eyes, but if you’re lucky you’ll be dead by then.”

A silence.

“Wanna take a chance, or wait it out?” Skye asked, smiling.

“I—” Brianna spoke until the phone hung up.

She was alone—again.

King Estate

Constance King hung up the phone. “That was from Alistair… Mitchel will be arriving in a little while. Maybe a few days.”

Julian King was just casually drinking martinis—in the morning no less—without a care in the world. He had been quite relaxed to the whole idea.

“Will everything go as planned?” Constance wondered. “And I haven’t seen him since he was an infant. I wonder what he looks like.”

Before Julian could jump in with a sly comment, the phone rang and he answered it. “Yes…? This is Julian King speaking… Yes… Oh, my God. It isn’t!… It is?… Ivy! It is so good to hear from you!”

Constance couldn’t believe it was Ivy. She hadn’t so much as written to them in a very long time that is would be hard warming up to her.

After a minute, Julian hung up. “Guess who that was?”

“Ivy?” Constance guessed, knowing very well it was she. “What did she want?”

“Nothing!” Julian announced, surprised. “We chatted a bit, and she said she could be coming home after her semester finishes in around April or May!”

“Hasn’t she been gone for two years?” Constance asked. “She left when she was twenty, and coming back at twenty-two. I wonder why she never kept contact?”

Julian shrugged. “No worry. After many long years, we’re finally all going to be a family. You, me, Adam, John and Ivy. All of us living on this estate.”

Tom Residence

Patrick couldn’t stand the silence. “Is there something you want to say?” he asked.

Kassie nodded. “Since I’m seeing you in a completely different light, I want to know a bit more about you. Your past.”

Nodding, Patrick took a breath. “Let’s see. I was born in Europe. My father was Irish and my mother was Dutch.” He was obviously reflecting. “I have been in America only a few times. I’ve lived in Ireland, England, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.”

“You’re pretty cultured,” Kassie said, only slightly impressed. “You were in Switzerland when you got your call to track me down?”

Patrick nodded. “I traveled from there to San Francisco, and got on the plane with you under a false name.”

“And you’d been spying on me?” she asked.

Patrick nodded. “It was my job.”

“And you say my father hired you?”

He shrugged. “His company, maybe. They just knew that you’d need protection after his death.”

Before Kassie could ask another question, his cordless phone beeped.

“I’ve been expecting an important call,” Patrick said, getting up. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Evans Residence

Addy Evans got to the phone and quickly called up an important character. As she waited for an answer, she reflected over what a blast the revelation had been the night before.

“Hello?” came the voice.

“Brooke? It’s Addy.”

There was a pause, and then, “You! You manipulated me into getting them to watch it. I don’t appreciate that!”

Addy was confused. “Wait, wait, wait… You wrapped the tape up and was ready to have Gillian open it. Why not then? Why is it suddenly my fault?”

Brooke was caught. “Um… I wanted it to strengthen their relationship.”

“I don’t buy it,” Addy stated. “Gillian reacted badly to the tape. She doesn’t appreciate the real Giovanni. They can’t be together.”

“What are you thinking?” Brooke asked.

“If Giovanni won’t go out with me,” Addy started, “then why not with you?”

Torres Residence

“And you two have been out together?” Gillian said, turning to Iris. “I thought that maybe I would have heard something. Nothing in the tabloids.”

“My parents would never let it out,” Adam responded, looking around the kitchen. “You know, it feels strange being in this house not tied up or being hit by chairs.”

Iris shrugged. “Our guests get only the best treatment.”

“Why didn’t you call?” Gillian said. “I mean… him!”

“Gilly, calm down,” Iris insisted. “I’ve been working with him for years.”

“I know, but never personal meetings… are you two…?”

No answer…

And the doorbell rang!

“Argh!” Iris said, getting up. “I’ll be back. Let’s hope it’s a Jehovah’s Witness… this table can’t take much more people!”

As Iris left, Gillian turned to Adam. “How do you feel about her?” she asked boldly.

“Pretty good,” he smiled. “She is so great.”

“Yes she is,” Gillian confirmed. “But don’t you dare hurt her. She’s been through enough without having you or your family harm her. Don’t lead her on.”

“Don’t worry,” Adam insisted. “My family doesn’t rule my life.”

They spent a few more minutes talking, but Iris hadn’t come back.

“She better not be stuck talking with that vacuum man!” Gillian announced, getting up. “If she winds up with a Hoover, I’ll scream!”

She stepped into the living room, but couldn’t see anyone at the door. It was just open. “Iris?”

Adam followed her, and rushed past Gillian and got to the door. “Iris!” he called out, seeing no one outside.

“Where is she?” Gillian asked, worried.

Adam stuck his head outside. “Iris!” he called again.

Where was she?

King Estate

“What’s everyone so excited about?” John asked entering the room. His hair was unkempt and his shirt was untucked.

“We’re going to be getting two guests in the near future,” Julian announced.


“You know Mitchel, your cousin, will be coming here. He’s fifteen or sixteen—good kid,” Julian began. “And in May, Ivy will be coming back from Ireland! Isn’t this great?”

John shrugged. He and Ivy had always been highly competitive. He was much older than her, and he always got the attention. But Ivy was the only girl, and Julian definitely thought of her as a favorite. They both competed for attention.

Adam was just… Adam. He was the middle child. Not the heir, but not the youngest.

“Where’s Adam?” John asked as his name flew through his mind.

“I think you know,” Julian sighed. “He’s probably at that hussy’s house.”

In Ireland

Ivy King knew that her troubles were over. She had finally taken care of everything, and was guaranteed never to have to worry about it again.

As long at the police remained clueless, she was in the clear.

“Now I can go to my family when I’m done,” Ivy sighed.

Tom Residence

Patrick got into the upstairs bedroom and popped out a personal journal from his bag. He got a pen and began writing while talking.

Kassie was sitting downstairs in the kitchen. She decided it was time to check on her mother again, to see how she was doing. She got up and made her way up the stairs. Turning in the hallway, she opened the door to her mother’s room.

“Mom?” she asked, creeping in. “You okay?”

No answer.

Kassie got up to her and saw she had the same face as the day before. Sad and helpless.

Kassie slowly crept back out, closing the door. She didn’t know what to do, and figured she’d need to call a doctor.

Before heading back downstairs, she headed to her room for a comb. As she opened the door, she saw Patrick place a pen in his pocket and get up.

“Oh, hi,” Patrick said, smiling. “I just finished my call. It was from the police… they were just giving an update on any leads.”

“And?” Kassie asked.

Patrick got up. “Nothing… yet. They’ll find something, I know they will.”

Kassie nodded as Patrick left the room. As soon as she knew it was clear, she immediately went looking for what he wrote on.

“He had a pen, he must have made notes,” Kassie said deductively. She looked on his bed and beside the nightstand. She looked on the floor and on tables.

Suddenly, her eyes caught his tote bag. “Bingo,” she said, getting down on her knees. She ruffled through some clothes until she touched something. Pulling it out, she saw it was a notebook.

“A journal?” Kassie wondered, looked to see if anyone was coming. She opened it up and filled to the newest entry.

She gasped.

Second Pier; 2 miles north of Presence

The man went to the baby’s crib and looked down at the helpless child. He felt some pity for the kid, but he had a job to do.

Robert had left minutes before, and they had everything they needed to bargain.

“I have a call to make,” he said, reaching for the phone.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

“Nooo!” Mateo continued to scream.

Father McMurdy began dip his hand in the bowl of Holy water and flicking it at Mateo. “Out, demons! Exit this body!” He followed his commands by more passages from the Bible. The cycle continued.

Ian watched from afar as the commotion took place.

Mateo’s eyes then turned to Ian, and they seemed strange to him.


“Help!” he cried out. But only it wasn’t his voice. It was someone else’s.


“Please make him stop!” it cried, writing as the water was poured. “Please!” It sounded just like his wife; with all the pain he could stand hearing in her voice. He closed his eyes.

When he opened then again, he nearly jumped. On the bed was laying Brianna, exactly as he had remembered her. He dark hair and smooth skin. Her signature eyes.

“It hurts!” she pleaded to him. “Make him stop!”

Ian was shaking. “I can’t…”

Father McMurdy looked up. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “What do you see?”

“My wife,” Ian said, shaking. “Brianna is crying out for me!”

“It’s a trick!” the priest warned sternly. “Don’t listen!”

But he couldn’t help it.

“I’m alive!” she said in pain. “I never died. It was all a trick, but this man refuses to let me go. He wants me to die. Don’t let him do this! It hurts! I don’t want to me hurting like this!”

“No!!” Ian screamed, covering his ears.

“Oww!” she yelled, piercing through his hands. “It hurts!! Why are you letting him do this? You don’t love me! Why! Oww… Why!”

Through Father McMurdy’s eyes he saw a demon writhing on the table. A foul creature that needed to leave the innocent host’s body.

“What is going on?” came another voice, this time from the entrance.

Ian turned around and saw Skye standing in the doorway.


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Episode 3-01


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