Skye Lore

Occupation: None; amnesiac.

Age: Late 20s - Early 30s

Description: Dark hair, dark (red?) eyes

Residence: 53 Mystique Road.

Unknown parents


Skye was rescued by Mateo Consuelos from drowning. She had amnesia. After many confrontation with Dean Consuelos, Mateo's brother, she revealed - with her mysterious powers - that he killed someone.

She prophesied his capture, but it wouldn't be if he followed what she said. (1. Beware Mateo; 2. No police man will ever stop him; 3. Will not be vanquished till all of San Francisco came to Presence.)

She has brought him straight to the police, but now has to deal with Brianna Huber - and a possible connection with Mateo.

Personality: Secretive and violent.


Photo Photo

Pictured: Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) from General Hospital.

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