Iris Torres

Occupation: Full-time worker at 'Natural Exposure,' a make-up company owned by King Industries.

Age: Late 20s

Description: Shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes

Residence: 20 Pier Road, Presence.

Relatives: Vivian and Bo (parents); Wyle (brother).


Iris co-worked with Adam King, son of King Industry's Julian King, at 'Natural Exposure.' One night, Iris was stabbed in her home, and all the evidence led directly to Adam.

She is best friends with Gillian Evans.

Iris has been hiding her past and her parents. Her parents' arrival in town shakes up her past -- and what "she did."

Personality: Quiet and slightly shy. Doesn't like being pressured. Optimistic.


[more to come]

Pictured: Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) from Days of our Lives.

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