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Posted: April 21, 2001


(01/06) Diaz Alarcón : A young Latino woman who will tie in with a core storyline.

(03/03) Tyler : Another baby will be coming to Presence. With who? It will be a surprise!
(03/03) Ivy King : Surprise! She showed up in a small scene in episode 2-24 in Ireland. It is only a small teaser. Regulars scene will start in May.
  (04/21) Gloria Benton, James Benton, and Rachel Wright :
They all come to visit Presence starting in Episode 3-07!
(04/21) Pamela Price: A curious female character recurring with the arrival of Mitchel. *First Appearance: 3-04*

(02/24) Robert Carlyle : He is a backstabber! He will be leaving in April - but not without a dramatic end! A comeback?
(02/24) Brooke Wright :
Her leave will be planned for around May. Like Robert, she might come back.

Status Change
(8/28) Bo Torres:
Iris's father will go from guest staring to recurring status in season two.
(01/06) Brooke Wright: Her short stay has been extended.
(01/13) Robert Carlyle : His role will increase throughout the winter and spring, but he will become recurring.
(02/24) Many : Many characters will either disappear or pushed back to focus solely on major stories. They could be brought back later.

Casting Call
  (03/03) Two men :
The show is looking for two middle-aged men to get some high-profile roles next fall!!


I am terribly sorry for the delay in everything, but I needed to make sure school was over and everything. The newest episode is one of the most exciting, in my opinion, and I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for sticking with me.

A crossover!!
In April/May, Presence will be crossing over with Breathe. Three beloved citizens of Great Cape will take a trip to Presence. Numerous references have been made to incidents in each series. (Eg: Constance King knew Macy Kensington from school.) Stay tuned for more details.

Passions meets Presence!
In Episode 3-01, it is revealed Presence has town interesting fans. Tabitha and Timmy, from NBC's Passions. They are casting spells and insulting, as always. What plans to they have? Will the harm me, the headwriter, to get the story they want?? This is for fun, and they are not part of Presence's universe.

One Year Anniversary!!
Episode 3-01, in two weeks, signals one year on the web. It has been a very hard year, and I want to thank all the fans that have stuff to it. It will have new features, including Skye's Diary, updated characters and photos, and some surprises!

A Funeral to Remember it was!
It turns out Skye had decided to burry Brianna - alive! "It was SO hard to keep secret," Head Writer Andre says. "I had wanted to blab it, but I knew saving it would be much more worthwhile. I'm expecting many reactions."

Will it just be a pounding on a lid. "Pretty much, but there is a story coming. Sadly, Brianna won't be involved."

Noah has been kidnapped. What will happen now? "There is so much story it hurts," Andre explains. "There will be Kassie/Patrick, and Darla's feelings. Darla's character will sink into a depression of sorts - but she will get a visit. A spiritual visit. And Robert's character gets interesting. Kassie will also enter in a dangerous situation."

Where can we go from here?
Noah has been kidnapped. Brianna buried alive. Giovanni's porn past. Is there anything left? "God, yes!" Andre exclaims. "I still have so many secrets that need revealing. There is Bo and Wyle's past. And Mitchel. And new material with even more secrets. It is going to be a blast, because my mind needs to release it all!"