Jan. 20, 2001 ~ Issue 3 ~ Cost: free

Woman Dies in Horrible Car Crash
by Betty Betts
Nurse at P.M. Hospital

Brianna Huber: In memoriam


Presence, California - Another read to keep safe driving. Brianna Huber, a local reported and regular columnist to this paper, died last night after careening over a rock-face on Mystique Road.

The car was so badly damaged that the authorities aren't able to distinguish between foul play or accidental.

The body was declared dead at the scene, and is was observed that it was head trauma. No autopsy will be preformed until family is notified.

Little more details have been released.


Party Time...
As per the King way, there was another major party on their estate. While it paled in comparison to their annual Fall Galas, it was still a feat.

"I had a wonderful time," cried a drunken woman, being help away by her friend."

Julian King

Hospital Woes
Julian King has made a public announcement about the management of Presence Memorial Hospital. The new chief of staff, Ian Huber, has made so many cuts they don't know if they can take more people.