Episode 2-11

Will Iris or Wyle die?

Mateo becomes witness to a horrifying change in Skye.

Giovanni and Gillian desperately try and save Addy!

Patrick's life is in peril!

Episode 2-12

Patrick and Kassie witness a horrifying medical emergency
regarding Darla.

Brianna unsuccessfully tries to prevent Mateo from endangering himself.

Julian confronts Iris.
Bo fears he’s too late for Iris.

Addy’s rescue continues – with fiery results.

Episode 2-13

Kassie cares for two people.

Skye and Mateo have an enlightening time.

Brianna spills the beans to her husband.

Iris faces legal problems; she gets a strange visitor.

Addy recovers in the hospital.

Episode 2-14

Patrick deals with his paralysis; the baby is named; Kassie starts
job hunting!

Skye and Mateo plan Brianna’s death.

Gillian and Giovanni get close; Brooke has plans. 

Iris and Bo celebrate the season. 

The year’s events are discussed and brought to the surface.

Episode 2-15

Kassie, Darla and Robert settle in with baby Noah; Patrick suffers another loss.

Skye and Mateo get their plan underway.

Brooke drops by the hospital to see Gillian.

Iris goes to a funeral.

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