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Episode 2-15
Posted: December 30, 2000
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Tom Residence

Robert Carlyle came into the room with Darla Tom trailing behind. “How’s little Noah James Tom doing?” Robert asked Patrick Donavon.

Patrick, who seemed to love the new addition, turned his wheelchair around. “He’s doing just great.”

Kassie Tom was standing beside Patrick, watching over Noah. “He’s a pro at handling this little guy.”

“You bet,” Patrick insisted. “We have a lot in common.”

“How?” Darla asked, sliding to the couch.

“We both can’t walk,” he stated.

“But you both will,” Kassie finished.

Patrick looked up at Kassie. “It may be the Yule speaking, but I am feeling much more optimistic.”

Robert moved up to Noah. “I just remembered. I have a gift for Noah in my car.”

“A gift?” Darla asked.

Robert laughed. “Well… It wasn’t planned to be a gift, but I’m just rolling with the season.” He moved to the door, and, “You guys wait here, okay?”

Everyone nodded, and turned to each other.

“What does he have?” Kassie asked her mother, snatching Noah up from Patrick’s arms.

Darla shrugged. “I have no idea…”

Patrick wheeled up to Kassie. “Excuse me, but I was holding him.”

Kassie turned to him. “What is this I hear? He’s stopped crying… Why else would you want to hold him?”

Knowing he was caught in his words, he could only lower his head.

“You two really like him, don’t you?” Darla asked, lying down on the couch, looking tired. “You two could care for him a lot better than I could.”

“Don’t you say that,” Kassie said, carrying Noah to his mother. “You did a heck of a job with me.”

Darla smiled. “I guess.”

Noticing how tired her mother was, Kassie couldn’t help but notice how she was aging. She kept a strong smile on her face, but she had wrinkles that couldn’t be ignored.

“Listen,” Kassie said sympathetically. “We can keep Noah in our room. You’ll need your sleep for the next few days.”

Patrick wheeled up. “That’s no fair… How can I get up to my room?”

With that, Robert came back into the house. He was carrying a large object under his arm. It looked like a pullout chair – but bigger.

“I didn’t get a chance to wrap it,” he said excitedly. “But I got it – and hid it – since I knew you were pregnant.”

Darla opened her eyes. “What is it?”

“A foldout crib,” he stated. “I didn’t know whether to get blue or pink, so it’s green!”

Everyone erupted in excited chatter. But Robert looked at Patrick with a curious eye – he wanted to know when he was going to spill the beans on the secret. That Noah was his son.

Consuelos Residence

The sound of a car slowing down and turning into the Huber residence’s driveway could be heard. It then stopped.

“Now, now, now!” Skye Lore screamed at Mateo Consuelos. “It needs to be done now!”

Mateo quickly grabbed the necessary tools from beside the door and headed out in a flash. He waited till Ian Huber had entered the house, and rushed to their black Saab.

“This will be sweet revenge…” Skye cooed.


Mateo snuck up to the car, looked both ways, and slid under the car. He began his work.

Huber Residence

Brianna Huber was upset that Ian was now forcing her to open her gifts rather than have her visit Father McMurdy.

It had been several minutes, and she had just opened a box containing the cashmere sweater she had wanted for months.

“I really need to go out…” Brianna insisted. “Please…”

Ian looked at his wife. “Why?”

Brianna thought quickly. “Because… I need… too… Pick up your gift!!”


Brianna nodded. “It needed to be… specially ordered…”

“Okay…” Ian said.

Brianna hated lying to Ian, but she needed to get out.


Mateo slid himself out from under the car. He signaled to Skye that he was finished, and picked up his toolbox. He then rushed to his home.

Behind a hedge, he and Skye watched to see if Brianna would come out.

“I hear someone!” Skye said excitedly.

But they saw someone else head to the car.

“No…” Mateo groaned, seeing who it was. “This isn’t good…”

They watched as Ian walked down the driveway, stepped into the car, and started the engine…

Torres Residence

Iris Torres was busy changing. She removed her light housecoat, and picked out several appropriate pieces of clothing from her closet. She selected a beautiful black dress, and a matching black coat.

She put on the clothes and moved to her dresser. She picked up her mother’s former pearl necklace, and placed it around her neck to complete the ensemble.

“Iris?” Bo Torres call up from the bottom of the stairs. “The service is starting soon. We’d better get to the church.”

Iris quickly slapped on a pair of black high-heeled shoes and came down the stairs.

“Elegant…” her father marveled. “Even if it’s to a funeral, you look great.”

“You, too,” Iris complimented. Bo was wearing an all-American black suit and tie.

Bo took his daughter’s hand and they both headed to the door. In a matter a seconds, the doorbell rang.

“This better be important,” Bo said, rushing to the door. He opened it, and said, “Oh… Hi.”

Iris moved forward to find Adam King standing there. He, too, was wearing a black suit, but it looked much more expensive. And she couldn’t help but notice the limo parked along the street.

“Hello, Adam,” Iris said nervously, remembering the last time she saw him was collapsed outside a collapsed building. She had also testified against him in a murder trial, and she kept him tied up in her basement. And here he was.

“I was wondering if you and your father would like a ride,” Adam asked politely.

Iris looked at her father. Bo shrugged, “I don’t mind.”

“Then nor do I,” Iris concluded.

Adam smiled back, showing off a much different side of him she had never discovered.

King Residence

Julian King was now interested in where his son was. At first he didn’t care, but he realized that he could have gone off mingling with the locals.

“I’m giving Charles a call,” Julian told Constance.

Constance entered the room sleekly. “Whatever for?”

“To figure out where Adam went,” he answered, dialing the number on his cell phone. “I do care, you know.”

Constance knew that somehow the King reputation or money fit into his reasons.

Presence Memorial Hospital

Gillian Evans had fallen asleep on Giovanni Pike’s lap. He held her close, and his strong arms and soothing breathing made her melt.

“This feel good,” she moaned involuntarily.

Giovanni only smiled in reply.

In the hallway, Brooke Wright had arrived to give Gillian her present. She had just spoken to Nurse Betty, and she led her to Addy’s hospital room.

“You need to know this,” Brooke thought, peering into the room.

Inside, she saw Gillian and Giovanni together on the chair. They looked asleep, and she wanted to leave the gift behind without them knowing.

Brooke tiptoed along the floor, making no sound at all. She past swiftly by the couple on the chair, and placed the gift on the nightstand.

As she headed back out, she heard a voice.

“What are you doing?”

Huber Residence

Ian got inside the car and it started perfectly.

“How is it?” Brianna called out.

Ian came back out of the car. “You are getting a little paranoid,” Ian spoke frankly. “You believed that someone rigged a bomb on the car?”

Brianna shrugged. “I guess it’s just my exposure to all those horrible news stories…”

Ian came up to the door, trading places with Brianna. “No bomb there.”

Brianna smiled. “Thanks.” She quickly made her way to the car, jotting her head in each direction. “I guess they haven’t even tried getting revenge on me… They probably have bigger fish to fry!” Brianna whispered to herself.

Both Skye and Mateo let out a collective sigh.

They watched as Brianna stepped into the car. As she drove out of the driveway, they each gave themselves high fives.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Iris, Bo, and Adam stepped into the magnificent church. The sound of soft organ music filled the air as they past through small crowds of people.

Iris spotted her mother’s shrine immediately. It had a photo of Vivian, surrounded by a wreath of red and green flowers. There were a few white candles burning at the base.

Iris and Bo both approached it. Adam stayed back to observe.

Bo was the first up. “I’m so sorry your life ended this way,” he spoke, touching her picture. “But I’m trying to be kinder to Iris – just like you wanted. She’s a lot like you in more ways than she’d ever want to know.” He laughed, and then, “I can’t help but feel now the secret you, Wyle and I shared will be buried forever. I will always love you.”

Iris stepped forward as her father left. “I don’t know where to start,” she began, feeling her necklace. “It’s been so long since I saw you – and it tears me up that you were gone so quickly. I know you loved me, and I love you. I’d like to thank you for always sticking on my side.” She wiped a tear from her eye. “Look… I’m crying. I – I just want to wish you luck wherever you are.”

Both Bo and Iris made their way back from the shrine. “She’s in a better place,” Bo said quietly. “She was always kind and gentle.”

Iris nodded.

Adam approached, but was grabbed by a pair of hands. “What it the big…?” He noticed it was his father. “What are you doing here?”

“Following you,” Julian said, eyeing the place. “What do you think you’re doing here? Do you know these dead people?”

Adam pushed himself away. “I know several of the mourners.”

Iris and Bo approached. Julian recognized them immediately.

“You!” Julian sneered.

Iris ignored him. “I’m going to pay my respects to Wyle.” She turned away.

“I’m still suing you,” Julian taunted.

Adam grabbed his father by the collar. “This is a funeral. This is neither the time nor the place. You either behave, or I’ll have Charles drive you home right now.”

Julian shut up.

“And there’s no way you’re suing her,” Adam finished. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Adam released him, and Julian left quickly.

Iris walked up to Wyle’s coffin, slightly nervous.

Bo approached. “They closed the casket because… well, concrete falling on you isn’t very pretty. I identified the body early this morning.”

Iris nodded, and turned to the casket. “Sorry everything had to happen the way it did. I hope you learn your mistakes, and you’re changed somehow.”

Iris was led away by her father. It was a hard time for both of them

But they couldn’t tell one of the mourners among the many was looking at her and her father. They watched from afar… planning…

Mystique Road

Brianna neared the intersection of Pier Road and Mystique Road. She had no more than one block left to go before she past Collier Road to St. Peter’s Catholic Church.

“Almost there…” Brianna said, smiling for the first time in a while.

Ditches, as well as a small cliffy, rocky bike overpass bridge on the opposite side, surrounded the approaching intersection. She saw the ‘Stop’ sign several meters ahead, and pressed on the brakes.


“What the…?”

Brianna pressed down again, but the car only sped up as she headed down the slight incline. The ‘Stop’ sign was now a few meters in front of her.

“No… Skye did this!” she squealed, pumping the brakes uselessly.

There were no cars in the road. Brianna’s panic clouded her mind.

As she sped through the intersection without stopping, her car suddenly swerved out of control. She hit a bump, and the car veered towards the cliff.


Brianna’s Saab hit the metal divider, but the powerful car plowed it over.

It was all a blur, but she could feel her life flashing before her eyes. She let out a scream as her car screeched and went careening over the cliff. The bashed, lightless front of the car dove down, and a horrifying crunch ended the chaos.

Presence Memorial Hospital

“What are you doing?” Addy Evans spoke, groggily.

Brooke turned to her, placing her fingers to her lips. “I’m dropping a gift off for Gillian.”

Addy looked at the well-wrapped package on the table by her bed. “It’s nicely wrapped,” she commented.

But before she could take any more steps, Gillian woke up with a start. “Mom…?” she asked sleepily. “You’re awake?”

Addy nodded, but didn’t smile. “Yes… I’m alive…”

Gillian sensed there was someone else in the room. She got up off Giovanni’s lap and was greeted by Brooke’s presence. “Brooke! What are you doing here?”

Brooke smiled. “Checking up on my favorite supervisor. We miss you are work.”

Gillian smiled as well. “We’re closed today, aren’t we?”

“Yes we are,” Brooke said. “But we’re opening up this evening for a New Year’s bash. It’s early, but it brings in sales.”

Gillian nodded in approval. “Well, have a good holiday season.”

Brooke nodded as well, and then quickly disappeared.

With that, Giovanni woke up as well. “Who was here?” he asked.

“Brooke,” Gillian said simply. “But she wasn’t here to cause trouble… Nothing could possibly go wrong…” She rushed up to hug him again.

Tom Residence

“It’s wonderful,” Darla exclaimed. “It’s just what we needed.”

Robert placed the crib on the ground. Kassie and Darla both rushed up to it, while Robert moved towards Patrick.

“How are you feeling?” Robert asked, eyed Patrick for a reaction.

Patrick looked up at Robert. “I’m doing good. Hopefully I’ll get feeling back in my legs soon.”

“Hopefully… Do you plan to do anything else today?”

Patrick looked curious. “What do you mean?”

“An announcement, maybe?”

“What…?” Patrick asked.

“You know… the announcement?”

No answer.

“You know… the baby… the truth…” Robert wanted to make sure Kassie wasn’t listening.

“What are you getting at?” Patrick questioned.

Robert’s eyes lit up. “You don’t know?”

Patrick shook his head.

Suddenly, Kassie broke their conversation with an announcement. “Everyone. Noah has claimed this green crib as his own.” She laughed, as did Darla.

They all surrounded the small child. Everyone was excited – especially Robert. He knew that Patrick didn’t remember. He had amnesia. Robert only hoped it wasn’t temporary.

But something made him want to tell people the true paternity. Watching Noah curl around in the crib made him feel like a father.

Intersection of Pier Road and Mystique Road

The macabre scene would chill anyone’s blood. The crushed car lay helplessly below the intersection. Several cars passed above, not noticing the broken barrier.

Inside, everything remained silent. As steam was released in one area, and creaks groaned in another, a body could be seen. Brianna’s body remained still – unmoving. Her head was lying lifelessly on the broken steering wheel… While blood dribbled down her forehead and down her chin…


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Episode 2-16

  • Darla worries that Noah’s paternity will come out.

  • Kassie gets good news.

  • Mateo and Skye toast victory; Skye makes sure Brianna is dead.

  • Adam invites Iris to dinner.

  • Bo gets a disturbing call.

  • Gillian and Giovanni have a heart-to-heart.
  • Addy awakens!