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Episode 1-14
Posted: July 10, 2000

Swiss Flights: To San Francisco

The hijacker had come up to Greg, the man sitting next to her, took out a gun and Kassie Tom couldn’t watch.

“It’s me!” Kassie cried out.


The sound of a gunshot tore through the plane’s cabin!

Kassie, trembling, slowly opened her eyes. All the passengers were dead silent, and those who had been crying had stopped. She then slowly turned her head to Greg, waiting for the carnage to reveal itself.

Greg had a gun in his hand! He was alive and well, and Kassie looked over to the black hijacker. He had fallen to the ground, and had bled to death.

“Miss. Tom,” Greg said in quite a different tone, “please duck under your seat.”

The second hijacker rushed over to their seats, and took out his rifle. Greg quickly lifted his gun to the white hijacker. He fired a shot, and Kassie could hear that it hit its target, even with her head hid low.

Kassie pulled her head back up, and looked over at the white hijacker. He clasped his chest as a bright red liquid spread on the white fabric of his shirt. He collapsed to the floor and lay beside he dead companion.

“Greg, I – ” Kassie was cut off.

“My name is not Greg.”

Kassie looked up at him in shock. “Who are you?”

“I have been assigned by your father to be your personal bodyguard,” he responded. “You can call me Patrick Donavon.”

“My father?” Kassie blurted out. “He… he’s dead.”

Patrick nodded. “And he told me to protect you after his death. He knew that men would come after his family if he were to die. I am here to protect you.”

Kassie took a breather. “And… what has my father done?”

“He has been in contact with information. Information that certain countries want to be kept secret, but which he has been assigned to get.”

“Those men wanted his information?” Kassie asked.

“Yes,” Patrick replied, eyeing the passengers. “The information went down with his plane. They don’t know that.”

Kassie’s eyes opened wide. “You say that they will go after my father’s family? What about my mother? Is she protected?”

Darla’s Home

Darla Tom woke up terrified. She remembered the phone call she had received the previous day, and the conversation she had:

“A hijacking?” she cried on the phone. “Are you serious?”

“No, m’am?” the woman repeated on the phone. “It could be misinformation. We will call you if anything new develops.” Dial tone.

Darla hung up the phone, and turned to Robert Carlyle. “They say that my daughter’s plane might have been hijacked.”

Robert came over to Darla and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m sure it’s nothing…”

She hoping it was nothing. She couldn’t help but be worried.

Suddenly, and shadow passed by her bedroom window. It was quick and hurried. Darla jumped up out of her bed and froze.

What is someone doing in my backyard? She asked herself.

Darla got up, and wrapped herself in a nightgown. She slowly crept into her hallways, and then into the kitchen.

Without warning, and pair of arms wrapped around her. She screamed as soon as she saw a glint of metal in the man’s hands.

A man was attacking her!

Evans Residence

Gillian Evans had to go to work. She was lucky enough to have had a few days off, but service manager at the Beach Hut awaited her. She was lucky that she didn’t need to wear the uniforms the waiters and waitresses needed to wear.

The doorbell rang, and she immediately thought it was her mother. She had needed to bring some work home from 'Natural Exposure,' since she was head of their Advertising Locale department. Gillian rushed to the door and opened it.

“Nice day, isn’t it?” Giovanni Pike spoke softly, almost seductively. “The bugs are annoying, though. Summer bees and wasps.”

Gillian nodded, looking at Giovanni. “My mother isn’t home,” she said, noticing he must have ran to their house.

A bee was buzzing around his head, and he swatted it away. “Can I come in? She said she’d be here, so it won’t be long. I – ow!” Giovanni slapped his right arm in pain. “Bee sting…”

Since Giovanni was wearing a T-shirt, she could see where the bee stung him. “Come inside. I have some lotion.” She pulled him inside. “Sit down in the living room. I’ll go upstairs.”

Giovanni sat down and Gillian rushed up the carpeted stairs. She rushed into the bathroom and removed thin tube of cream. She closed the cabinet, and realized she was only hearing a tank top. She thought it to be a little revealing, but Giovanni needed her attention.

Gillian came back down and saw that Giovanni had removed his shirt.

“I… I have the lotion,” Gillian spoke, not trying to stare. She crept up to him, and sat down on the couch beside him.

“I needed to get some air,” he said. “My apartment wasn’t too far from here. I didn’t count on there being bees.”

Gillian squeezed a dab of lotion on the tip of her finger. “I am going to need your arm,” she stuttered.

Giovanni smiled at her, and edged closer. “You’re looking rather nice today. Heat got to you, too?”

“I was getting ready for work,” she responded. She gently took Giovanni’s firm, muscular arm in her hands. She saw the stinger, and pulled it out. She quickly applied the lotion. “How does that feel?”

“Good,” he answered, looking at her. “Very good.”

Gillian looked up at her “patient” and saw that he was staring at her. Giovanni then quickly took Gillian hand, and rubbed it on his arm. “It really stings.”

They were both sitting very close to each other. He was wearing nothing more that a pair of shorts, and she was wearing less than usual. They both looked at each other in the eyes.

“I’m back!” came a familiar voice, as the door opened. “You are work, yet, Gilly?”

Addy Evans came into the house with a bunch of papers in her arms. She immediately saw Giovanni, half naked, on the couch with her daughter.

“What is going on here!?”

Presence Inn

Bo and Vivian Torres were both awake and walking around their hotel room. Bo was busy pacing his suitcase, while Vivian was pleading with him.

“Bo, please,” Vivian begged. “Why are you leaving so soon?”

Bo turned to his wife. “It is obvious that Iris no longer needs us. Her attacker has been convicted. She isn’t even trying to contact us.”

“She is scared!” Vivian insisted. “You have always been hostile against her since… Lily. It wasn’t her fault.”

“It was!” Bo blasted. “And she wants to forget everything.”

Vivian walked up to her angry husband. “Iris isn’t to only one who has secrets. I know a lot more about what you and our son, Wyle, have done. I have kept it secret, but I don’t know – it makes a good bargaining tool, doesn’t it?”

“You ungrateful bitch!” Bo screamed at his wife. “Our daughter is getting away with a heinous crime from the past, and you are against me?”

“At least hers was an accident,” Vivian countered. “You and Wyle both were involved in something twice as bad. And I helped you! I can as easily get you make into the mess as I did getting you out of it.”

Bo glared at his wife. He hated her so much at that moment.

Unbeknownst to the battling couple was someone at their doorway. Wyle Torres had listened in on her mother’s conversation, and he, like his father, was not amused…  

Episode 1-15

  • Adam is out on bail.

  • Iris drops by Gillian’s house.

  • Mateo wakes up.

  • Dean and Skye talk together.

  • A murder occurs!