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Episode 1-19
Posted: August 21, 2000

Kassie Tom Residence

“All I know is that you’re too pretty and intelligent to be single for long.” Patrick Donavon moved around behind Kassie Tom. “And Presence is a charming town. There are plenty of people here that would be perfect for you.”

Kassie spun around and looked at Patrick in the eyes.

“Yes?” he asked.

Kassie pulled herself into him and gave him a hug. This immediately conjured up one of her last moments wit her boyfriend Jake Geary

Jake and Kassie both hugged each other. They had purchased their new home, and they were enjoying every moment they spent together.

“I love you,” Jake spoke softly.

“I love you, too,” Kassie replied, looking deep into his eyes.

The couple looked at each other for a minute, and then moved closer to each other. Their head reached the other’s as they kissed.

They had loved each other so much. They knew that moments like those they could treasure for their entire lives.

Kassie wanted Jake back. She wanted the old times again.

She was so caught up in her memories she could hardly feel Patrick poking her side. She finally snapped out of it, and realized what she was doing.

She was kissing Patrick!

Kassie pulled away, and turned away from Patrick. “I’m so sorry. I was thinking about Jake. One of the memories I have of him.”

Patrick came up from behind Kassie. “Seemed like a passionate memory.”

She blushed. “I didn’t mean to. It isn’t very professional for me to go around kissing my bodyguards, is it? That’s how rumors get started.”

“I guess,” Patrick said. “I just hope that you can talk to me about anything. Jake just left you out of nowhere, so you’ll need someone around.

Kassie nodded, turning back to her guard. “I really am sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Patrick replied, moving to the couch. He lifted the cushions and pulled the pullout bed out. “It was nice.”

Kassie turned back around, and made her way to the stairs. She walked upstairs, no longer completely preoccupied with Jake.

Evans Residence

Gillian Evans was in deep sleep. With everything that has happened, all she needed was a good night’s sleep. With that, she heard someone approaching her room.

“Hello?” Gillian called out, holding her blanket around her scantly clad body. She wore nothing more than black lingerie. She eyed the door.

A figure approached the door. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

“Giovanni?” Gillian asked, wondering what he was doing here.

Giovanni Pike approached her. “I couldn’t help but to come here to see you. I can’t get you off my mind.” He came up to her beside her bed. “I want to make love to you.”

Gillian put her hand into his jeans, and pulled out the tucked in shirt. She pulled it over his chest, and then over his head. His dark muscled ripped with each move he made.

Gillian touched him, feeling his chest.

“Let me make love to you,” Giovanni whispered into her ear.

He reached under the covers and touched she legs. Gillian moaned with delight as he brought his body closer to her, slipping off his pants.

They pressed against each other, Gillian roaming through his underwear, and Giovanni doing the same.

“Oh…” Gillian moaned.

Giovanni removed his boxers, and moved over to Gillian’s body. He came over her, and moved right in to…

Gillian shot up from her bed! She looked around her room. No Giovanni.

“Dream…” Gillian groaned, falling back into her pillow. “That was all.”

She fell back asleep, and couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

Torres Residence

Iris Torres recognized the scene of the crime. She had been there many times, and now it would forever give her a macabre feeling.

“The police are bringing a man into custody,” Brianna Huber, a black reporter, spoke excitedly on the television set. “We haven’t been given a name yet, but he was found lurking. And… and yes there is blood on his shirt.” The camera followed a man to a police cruiser as the sounds echoed through Iris’s home.

“Oh, my God!” Iris exclaimed, recognizing the man immediately. “Dad?”

Iris looked over to Adam King’s body. She began to panic.

“My father did it… I killed the wrong man! I’m a killer!”

Iris backed further into the room. Memories of “the night” flooded back to her. Seeing Adam’s body lying still caused her lower lip to quiver. She wiped her forehead with her hand, taking off the beads of sweat that were forming.

The images of her father being taken away in the police cruiser stabbed into her mind. Questions of ‘why’ flowed into her head. Filling till she couldn’t take it.

Her father’s hate for what she did stuck in her mind. He had been so vengeful when he confronted her in the hospital. And it was all her fault. She caused the accident all those years ago. She was responsible. But she was not punished.

Her mother was.

Iris looked away from Adam, thinking of her mother.

The doorbell rang. Iris waited a second, and then called out, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me,” came a familiar voice, but one she hadn’t heard in a long time.

Iris stumbled to the door. Her hands shook slightly as she tried to open the door. Her hand got a firm grasp on the knob and she turned it forcefully.

“Rissy?” Wyle Torres asked, noticing select tears falling from her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

He hadn’t called her that in over ten years. It was a kiddy name they called each other as kids. But as soon as things went bad, be stopped calling her that. He stopped talking to her altogether.

“Wyle…” she sighed, letting him in. “On the news… Everything is being told.”

Wyle nodded, putting his arms around his sister. “I was there when it happened. Calm down, now. It’s going to alright.” He took her face in his hands, and wiped away one of her tears.

“That isn’t all,” Iris blurted, knowing there was no hiding it. “Adam, he came over. He had escaped from his parole officer, I think. I – I thought he was back to kill me. I did, I swear…” Iris was babbling on.

“Wyle pulled Iris into the living room. “Rissy, you have to calm down. What else happened – ?” He stopped as he saw the body sprawled on the floor. “Is he – ?”

Iris sat down in the chair. “I think so. I took the chair and I hit him as hard as I could. I wasn’t going to let him stab me. No, not again. I needed to defend myself. Self-defense.”

Wyle bent down beside the body. Adam’s face looked stone cold.

“Oh my God…” Iris said, falling to the ground. “Is it happening again?”

Wyle took a pulse. He felt around for one. “I can’t seem to…”

“God dammit, does he have a pulse!?” Iris screamed to her brother. “Is he dead?”

Wyle felt around. “I think…” He paused. “Yes… there is a pulse.”

Iris was shocked for a moment, and then burst into tears. She had been hiding her past for years, and all her memories had come flooding back to her. “I can’t take it anymore…” Iris moaned, coming up to Wyle. “I need to get my past out with you. I need closure.”

Wyle turned to his sister, preoccupied. “Rissy, I need you to go to bed. You’re very tired right now. You need sleep. I’ll deal with Adam.”

Iris looked at her brother. “He unconscious, isn’t he?”

Wyle nodded. “You hit him damn good,” he joked, trying to lighten up to grim mood. “And inch higher and he’d be pushing up the daisies.”

Iris smiled slightly. “Well, that was all part of the plan, or course…” she joked, feeling slightly better. “I knew he wasn’t dead…” Softly, “…but we do need to talk.”

Wyle froze, and turned around to face his sister. “What we do need is sleep. We will talk tomorrow morning over breakfast.”

Iris nodded, and turned to the stairs. “By the way,” she said, poking her head back into the living room, “it’s nice to see you again.”

Wyle continued with Adam’s body, pulling it to the couch, as Iris walk upstairs to her room.

In her room, Iris looked out the window into the night. So much pain in so few days. The death of her mother was affecting her deeply, though she did not cry. Not for what was beyond her control. She only cried for what she had done so long ago, and fell asleep knowing she was going to put all behind her.

Consuelos Residence

Dean Consuelos slowly moved toward Mateo’s room. Dean’s eyes were glowing bright red, and he was on a mission to destroy what needed to be destroyed.

“My brother must die…” he whispered, his voice deep and demonic.

He opened the door to Mateo’s room quietly. He could hear him sound asleep, with only the sound of breathing to be heard. The sound that needed to be stopped.

Skye Lore sat on the couch in the living room, her eyes closed. She was talking to herself as Dean did his work. “Demons, use him to carry out the work…”

Dean was now looking at his sleeping brother. He loomed over his unmoving body like a vulture. But unlike that bird of prey, he was going to make the kill himself. He crept of to the side of the bed, and moved his hands to Mateo’s throat.

“Do it!” hissed Skye, her red eyes opening up, showing she was under demonic control. “Now! Do it now!”

Dean swiftly brought his hands to Mateo’s neck. He clasped his hands around his sibling’s throat, and began to squeeze.

Mateo’s eye opened up. They were as wide as saucers, trying to comprehend the situation.

“Harder!” Skye hissed, and Dean obeyed.

“Deeeann…” came a dull moan from Mateo’s lips.

Dean felt no emotion. Unlike when he murdered the drug dealer, this time it wasn’t him doing it. His face remained blank. His eyes glowing red.

Mateo tried desperately to get his brother off. He tried to take swings at him, but they did no harm. Mateo remained focused on his eyes, confused at it all.

“You will die, brother!” Dean spoke demonically. He pressed harder, and Mateo wheezed in pain. He scrambled for breath.

Skye squealed with delight in the living room. Her face showed one of victory as the demon’s plans were moving ahead. Suddenly, Skye’s eyes flickered from red to normal, and then back to red.

“No!” Skye moaned as she could feel the power disappearing from her body. She focused hard, as her eyes flickered.

In Mateo’s room, Dean was in turn showing signs of weakness. His grip loosened, and Mateo fought back. He took a swing at his possessed brother, and Dean felt the punch.

So did Skye as she cried out in pain from a separate room. “No, don’t let him!” she screamed.

A second punch was thrown as both Dean and Skye felt the blow. Both their eyes were slowly dimming down to their normal colors.

Dean stopped the choking, and Mateo took his first deep breath. Dean looked around the room, confused regarding where he was. “What am I doing here?” he asked, turning to Mateo.

Mateo remained confused. He wondered what the hell had just happened there.

Dean quickly exited the room.

This event left Mateo alone with his thoughts. He had many questions to ask. Many.

Episode 1-20

  • Iris and Wyle talk for the first time in a while.

  • Skye tricks Dean to kill Mateo!

  • The San Francisco police get closer.

  • Darla moves in with Kassie.

  • Gillian mentions that Addy works too hard.