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Episode 1-16
Posted: July 31, 2000

Presence Inn

Celia, the cleaning lady at Presence Inn, was busy making her cleaning rounds. It was getting to that part of the evening where the new customers came to snag a good room. She needed to check all the room that was vacant.

As she neared the end of the hall, she noticed a door open. It was occupied, but she hadn’t heard any noise for a while. She entered to be sure.

“Is there anyone –” She froze. “Oh my God! She has been killed! La femme est morte!

San Francisco – S.F. Int. Airport

Kassie Tom’s flight landed without any troubles, which had been a rarity the last few days. Everything from turbulence to crashed to a hijacking. But she was safe.

She had Patrick Donavon. Her bodyguard.

“We have to go to your home immediately,” Patrick ordered. “And you’ll have to call your mother. She’s in danger from the men your father is dealing with.”

Kassie nodded. He was completely in control. Strong. Safe. Secure.

Outside Evans Residence

Iris Torres was taking a long look at a very shirtless Giovanni Pike.

“Hi,” he said, walking by. “You are…?”

Iris cleared her throat. “Iris. I’m Gillian’s friend. You must be Giovanni.”


“Listen,” Giovanni said. “It’s starting to get late. And I really need a bandage for my arm. Addy and Gillian were going at it.”

Iris shook her head. “Again?”

Giovanni nodded.

“Listen,” Iris began. “My place is much closer that the Apartment Complex. You mind if you go there?”

Giovanni smiled. “That would be great.”

Presence Beach

Dean Consuelos was watching the sun set with Skye Lore. It was a wonderfully crisp evening, and he felt as if nothing could go wrong. Not with Skye around.

Dean turned to Skye. Her dark hair shimmered in the setting sun. She looked even more mysterious than she already was.

“So, I’m safe?” Dean asked, looking back out to the ocean. “I mean, unless your premonitions come true.”

Skye nodded. “Exactly. Remember, no police man will ever arrest you, nor will you ever be arrested till all of San Francisco come to Presence.”

“That is impossible!” Dean exclaimed.

Skye shrugged. “You never know.” She paused. “And remember: beware Mateo. Rid him from your life. He will allow the prophecies to come true if not destroyed.”

Dean shuddered at her words, noticing how the clouds got darker.

Consuelos Residence

Mateo Consuelos was shocked. “Officer Tina Herbst? Why are you calling my brother’s cell phone? Is something the matter?”

“I am afraid there is something very serious at hand,” the voice came. “We are investigating a case where a drug customer was shot dead in an alley a few days ago. We have traced this number to one he may have called shortly before his death.”

Mateo’s eyes opened wide. He remembered when Skye had been saying over and over how Dean had killed someone.

And with the gun that Dean carried around.

“Do you have any information?” Tina asked.

“As I told you this phone belongs to my brother, but he couldn’t have done this. He lives with me here.”

“And your name?”

“Mateo… but that is beside the point. Are you accusing him of something…?”

“We are investigating. When did he first come to your home?”

A few days ago. He was really jumpy, and nervous, Mateo though.

“I… I have to go.” Mateo hung up right them and there. He didn’t want to answer any more questions. He needed to think.

Is my brother a killer?

San Francisco Police Department: 42nd Precinct

Officer Tina Herbst was looking up to her partner Rick Grabowski. She looked confident.

“Didn’t sound like you got much information,” Rick commented.

Tina was smiling up at her partner. “We have enough. We can bring him down!”

Kassie Tom Residence

“And this is my humble abode,” Kassie announced as they entered her home. “I left my boyfriend here while I was in Switzerland, so I hope he didn’t mess up the place!”

Patrick smiled, looking around. “Doesn’t look like a gut has been here the last few days. No guy I know.”

Kassie smiled. “He’s pretty neat.” She looked around. “Jake! You here?”

“Jake?” Patrick questioned. “Simple name…”

Kassie turned to her bodyguard. “Are you insulting my guy? Because he could take you down. You and your… Patrick name!”

“‘Patrick’ is a very noble name,” Patrick mused. “It’s Irish. It’s tough. Meaningful.”

“What ever you say, Patty.” Kassie had a feeling she hit a chord.

Patrick rushed her. “All right! All you need to do is call your mother and tell her to bring some bag for tomorrow.”

Kassie nodded, rushing to the phone. She picked up the phone, barely missing an envelope neatly tucked beneath.

‘To Kass.’

Darla Tom Residence

Darla Tom rushed over to the phone as soon as it rang. She had a feeling it would be Kassie, since her daughter’s plane had landed safely.


“Hi mom. It’s me,” Kassie spoke. “We had an… interesting flight. But we’re okay.”

“I was worried sick about you,” Darla poured out. “Is everything alright?”

A pause. “Not quite. I have a man at my house who says he was hired by dad to protect us if something happened to him.”

Darla took in a sharp breath. “I see…”

Robert Carlyle, who has been sitting in the living room, got up and went to Darla. “Everything alright?”

“He says we would be best protected if you came to our house for a while. Till matters are straightened out. It would be much safer this way.”

“Very well,” Darla said. “Tomorrow’s good?”

“Great. See you in the morning.” Dial tone.

Darla turned to Robert, with a concerned look on her face.

“It’s happening. I always knew it would. Drew has dragged his work into our lives. They’ll kill us for sure…”

Outside Presence Inn

A grouping of police cars and ambulance lights make the outside of the quaint inn look like the set of a horror movie. The odd bystander stood on as the watched a body bag rolled out on a stretcher.

“This is Brianna Huber, reporting for Channel 5 News. We are here at Presence Inn where a woman has been fatally stabbed. The name has been leaked to be Vivian Torres. There are no suspects at the moment, but…” The voices of reporters could be heard through the excitement.

Amidst the people stood two familiar figures. Bo Torres, and his son, Wyle, were both gathered to witness their wife and mother wheeled away.

“Sad…” came Bo. “But she can’t talk anymore, can she?”

Wyle shook his head. “What we both did all that time ago can remain hidden…”

Torres Residence

Iris finished applying the bandage to Giovanni’s arm. She sent him upstairs to get some paper towels from the bathroom. Iris stayed in the den and reflected. The TV was on, but she paid no attention.

“The news is always about murder,” Iris spoke to herself. “Murder, murder, murder.”

Iris clasped her head as she remembered that night all those years ago. She remembered the exact date and time. She was so young, and everything was dealt with quickly. Everyone went home happy.

Except Lily.

“Lily…” Iris sobbed. “I…”

A knocked at the door interrupted her. She approached the door, but saw that it was unlocked. A second impatient knock brought the intruder inside.

“Who are you…?” She stopped. “Adam!”

Adam King looked awful. He looked tired and sick. He had bags under his eyes, and he was looking every which way.

“What the Hell are you doing here!?”

“I…” Adam stuttered. “I have done…”

“Done what?”

“I have done something terrible! Something very, very illegal…”  

Episode 1-17

  • Gillian finds out about the murder.

  • Iris is caught with Adam and his explanations.

  • Kassie gets a note.

  • Dean is convinced Mateo must disappear.

  • Blood is found on someone’s clothing!